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Macejko aims to unseat Gains

What a joke!!!!! Macejko is useless as a prosecutor. That is why Youngstown is such a GREAT place to live. Think he has trouble prosecuting anyone when there is not something in it for him. Find something you are better at Jay.

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Mother, son face charges over ‘deplorable’ conditions at house

Once again, animal abuse and neglect in Youngstown. Let's see if our esteemed city prosecutor can file any charges against these people. The poor animals that suffered and died at the hands of the Cat Ladies Society died in vain. I saw them and witnessed first hand the severe neglect of those animals, while the leaders were bringing in money that went God knows where. Hope the IRS has looked into their finances by now. Thanks Ohio for letting all the scum animal abusers walk our streets without even a smack on the hand. Makes you proud to be from Ohio. Disgraceful!

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Neglect case against ex-kennel owner postponed

Steve Croley sounds like one of the Cat Ladies. Blame everyone and everything else for the wrong you did to animals. Then you never have to take responsibility for what you have done. I am sure we'll hear from Kimm's followers. Oh well, even Charles Manson had a group of followers. He did no wrong in their eyes either.
Hope they all rot in hell together.

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No, the kitten that was rescued in Austintown didn’t have nine lives

BlossomB - Now I am sure you are one the lazy sloths that run the place. Just for your information, I have been involved with rescue for 25 years and can tell you I have done more work, spent more of my time and money helping animals than you could ever imagine. I DO know about drugs - I stated that Amoxicillin will do the job. That does not mean it is the BEST drug, but if these con artists are so strapped for money (all this after a $20,000 donation?), this drug would do something to help the cats. I am NOT overexaggerating about the conditions. When I was there on more than one occasion, MANY of the cats were very ill, not being treated and all thrown together. Perhaps you do not know what an ill cat looks like. Many reputable people saw what was going on there and were very disgusted. I know people who volunteered with KIMM at AFA would tell you what a mess she made at that place and what a lazy ass she was. So blab on all you want. Guess everyone in the world is a liar but the Cat Ladies.
They were not shut down for good because the laws are so poor for animal rights. Lucky for Kimm. Did you notice the City Prosecutor on tv right after this fiasco asking people to pressure their Senator's to pass Nitro's law to help animals? He can only do what the law allows. If KIMM did NOTHING, she would not have gotten probation. Wake up, loser. You have been conned. Add another to Kimm's list. This area needs more animal shelters, but needs reputable ones that will care for the animals, not let them lay and die . Look at the website - how many cats do they mention now have corneal scars on their eyes from eye infections that took a long time to heal? How about the one with the head tilt from an untreated ear infection? These are not real common problems, if the animal is treated properly. See if you can look past the BS and see reality here. The cats in this town deserve so much better.

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Black Friday craze assists Angels for Animals

To Wolfen: "3/4 of the women that work there are fat lazy sloths"
Think you have them mixed up with the fat, lazy sloths at the Cat Ladies Society. No one likes that animals have to be euthanized, but the Angels for Animals facility is clean and well kept, unlike the work of the fine Cat Ladies, the slow-kill on the West side. Not a fat, lazy sloth in the bunch at Angels.
P.S. AFA was NEVER raided by Animal Charity.

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Cat Ladies, city settle; shelter to reopen today

Happycat - I agree with you. I guess if you need money, it is a great scam. Take $250 - let the cats lay there and die. On the website, she openly admits one cat has corneal scars from an upper respiratory infection, but the cat can still get around. Treat the illnesses and the cat won't lose part of his sight. Hope this loser runs out of steam soon. Cannot imagine anyone with any sense would donate to her. The prosecutor said Animal Charity took out DEAD and DYING Cats. So, now I guess everyone is lying except Kimm Koocher.

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No, the kitten that was rescued in Austintown didn’t have nine lives

Blossom B - Sorry you cannot read. I adopted three kittens from CLS, one which died very quickly and the other cost me $500 to get well. So, to answer your questions, NO, I was not turned down to adopt a cat.
And No, I am not with Animal Charity or PETA. Does that answer everything for you?
I have been in rescue for animals for 25 years in this area as well as in Pittsburgh, was on the Board of Directors of the biggest shelters in Pittsburgh, have rescued, spayed/neutered and nursed back to health well over 100 cats in my lifetime. So, you see, I DO know what I am talking about. I know what a shelter should and should not be. It should NOT be a place for cats to go and die. There was one of those places in Pittsburgh called Tiger Ranch. Fortunately, the prosectuor there had to courage to close it down. Animal Charity helped to end the suffering of those poor animals. They are in a much better place now than where they were.

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No, the kitten that was rescued in Austintown didn’t have nine lives

I guess we can assume that Werecat is Kimm Koocher, who runs the Cat Ladies Society. From what I read in the newspaper, Animal Charity had been in your facility before and had been investigating you. If you had nothing to hide, why did the paper mention that you would not let the humane agents in, that you required they get a warrant? You are nothing but a liar and a fraud. I can only imagine you are supplementing some welfare check or some fraudulent disability claim or a few lawsuit settlements by charging $250 to take a cat and let it suffer and die. Shame on you. Find another way to make your money. Low Life! Don't bother responding, you are not worth anyone's time.

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Cat Ladies, city settle; shelter to reopen today

Sounds like a good story, paint yourself as the martyr here. FACT IS - YOU LET THOSE CATS AND KITTENS DIE. You keep bringing up Animal Charity. Keep the issue to the subject. The subject is that for whatever reason, you had VERY sick cats and kittens all mixed together, some looking like they were dying. Why weren't they AT the vet's office or in an isolated area? Don't know why - only you can answer that. My family was in your place three times, each time it was the same - DISGUSTING!!!!!!! I am sorry for any cat that finds it way to you. Euthanizing them is more humane than allowing them to lay there and die. Just remember, what goes around comes around. YOU ARE A FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No, the kitten that was rescued in Austintown didn’t have nine lives

Ask yourselves a question here - how many times have you ever heard that Animal Charity has visited or RAIDED Angels for Animals or Second Chance Animal Rescue? The answer is it has NEVER happened because they are respectable organizations that did not have a number of complaints. To hell with the kill or no-kill argument, this is about a group letting its animals suffer and die from what starts as a basic upper respiratory infection. Not treated, it can spread to the cat's lungs, the cat stops eating, the organs shut down. This is what those wonderful Cat Ladies did. Let them lay there and die. Were they getting medicated - maybe at one time, but not in recent months. MANY people saw it for themselves. So, let's bring out the truth. A Prosecutor could not have put them on probation without some evidence of neglect. This FRAUD needs to stop.
Feel free to Flag, I will re-post. I have seen about 10 negative comments on this board, and then they magically disappear.

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