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Men's garden club starts planting elm trees in Liberty

If they're going to die, it won't be from Dutch Elm Disease. This is a 'New Harmony' American elm. It is among a number of elms that have been released after many years of study. These new elms are DED tolerant. The situation in your back yard is typical of the older elms.

Research biologists who have been working on reforestation projects suggest seeding ash tree forests with elm seed.

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UPDATE: Strickland grants clemency to Cornwell

Hurrdurr --- in your first posting you said executing Cornwell wasn't right because others who committed similar crimes hadn't been executed. I'm not sure that blanket statement is quite true. Even if it were, how could this ever be a justification begin with? What happened to "two wrongs don't make a right?" You have to come up with a better one than that.

Then in your next posting you rant on about Kasich, something that has entirely nothing to do with the issue. Could it be that as a diehard support of the governor, not he does could ever be wrong?

Can't you just come out and say you are against the dead penalty,..period? At least that's a position, not the weak justifications you try to posit.

Any position other than yours is "just silly" as you stated, isn't it?

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