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Youngstown Pride sponsors first street fair downtown

Gregoryfilms, you are trying to be nice, but no matter how eloquently you try to say it, you are being a homophobe. You claim you are being a friend and loving him by telling him the truth, well it amazes me that you along with most others choose the truth you wish to spread, and that's what brings the hate charge. In your own words you equate lying with homosexuality, but I dont' see signs that say God Hates Liars!

That you make films and have the ability to spread your "truth" with video is an even scarier thought. I wonder if you bring your views to your clients and only work with like minded people or if you find it necessary to point out to clients their errant ways (in a loving way of course.) Would definitely be an interesting conversation.

That you find the Bible the most historically accurate document in human history is further troubling. While the Bible is an interesting read, and I am sure is based on some fact, it is also the biggest game of telephone ever recorded, passed down from one to another and translated by another and yet another, so that it's truth is so murkily buried in the past, it is untenable. You need to read the origins of words to see what is being said in the bible. Todays meanings to the words assigned by translators mean things entirely different than in the proper context of so long ago.

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Youngstown Pride sponsors first street fair downtown

How nice it was to have so many supporters of the LGBT community over the weekend. It was really refreshing to see straight couples walking hand in hand beside gay couples who were doing the same, and not afraid to be themselves. 3 open and affirming churches as well were proof that God is love and that is his greatest commandment.

Stan will never change and who really cares. He is becoming more in the minority every day. Just love him for who he is, he will find out what God is about soon enough. This is the last lonely refuge for him, and I am glad he gets to feel a part of something than being the lonely person he probably is.

Drag queens in the gay community are performers no less than KISS or David Bowie in the str8 community. It's an act to entertain, and meant to get a reaction. I think one of the most exciting things about the Pride event Saturday was that there was so many straight allies that it really was a community event.

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Thinking outside the box

If the church is smart, they will take over the finances of the building. The Playhouse has been a continual downhill spiral with zero accountablility for years now. I would hate to see this bring down 2 institutions.

I agree, thinking outside the box is always a good idea, but covering your a**, I mean bases, is pretty good thinking as well. Just by looking at the auditions for the playhouse productions at the middle school, you see the same names and associations that got the Playhouse into trouble in the first place. They may be very good at entertaining, but they are very poor managers, and are part of the problem of the money being mis-spent in the first place.

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John Nagy off the air after 40 years at WKBN-570

Great, we lose a veteran of 40 years on the air and right wing nut jobs pwhite1027 (an appropriate name if I ever heard one,) and apollo are hoping for just syndicated right wing nut jobs. As much as I disagree with the fairness doctrine on a lot of points, these 2 are reasons for it.

Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage are the bain to WKBN, but unfortunately pull in the ratings because they are so "entertaining" to the conservatives. Notice I said entertaining, not real news people, just commentators looking for ratings and dollars by making up lies and propoganda.

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Dear Oprah, why do you want to kill newspapers?

Well said Mr. Sweetwood, I was just at a lunch meeting today where the virtues of Mr. Traficant were being sung. I am still bleeding a bit from biting my tongue so hard. I agree that there should be no bias in feature reporting, but an editorial is just that, a persons opinion on a subject.

Again, I agree with the fact that the local papers do contribute to jobs in the community as well, but so do the local cable companies doing installations, etc. I will continue reading my Vindicator daily, but I say to you again, let's get it local folks.

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Dear Oprah, why do you want to kill newspapers?

Unfortunately, Mr. Martin above would not be happy with any newspaper unless it was written with a republican bias. Newspapers are one of the few remaining bastions of truth and investigative reporting available. Do they get things wrong on occassion, sure, do they find things that most media miss, definitely!

I will agree with one point of the above Mr. Martin, due to budget concerns, most newspapers, and the Vindy is very much in this category, are becoming more "clip" papers without a lot of original reporting. What original reporting and investigative reporting is done well, but when you go to the business section and find 1-2 local stories at best mon-sat, it's like what's the point? We really don't care how the rest of the business world is doing, we hear that all the time on the tv news, but I would like to know whats what exactly on the local business front.

Overall Vindy does well within it's confines, but I think for a local paper to really succeed and thrive in todays tough climate, become a LOCAL paper, and really concentrate on that news. It would be a surprising change that just may surprise your revenue resources as well. Just a thought

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Has the Youngstown Playhouse seen its final curtain?

Thanx 'Game' for taking my questions in context. And to the newly invented 'MixMaster', umm, did you notice I only posted on here twice, so I think it's far from getting old. I honestly don't care if Lenhoff answers, I just want some answers to put the rumors I have heard to rest, and neither he, you, nor anyone has. My second comment to him was a personal observation. I personally cannot sever all contact to an organization I have or HAD, a major stake in it's success or run.

I can agree that if there is a grant or generous patron out there who has $800,000 dollars available to renovate the theatre, it would be worth giving it another shot under full transparency of future finances to the community. I am also of the opinion that if that person or grant does not come thru, moving the playhouse "committee" to new digs is a wise idea.

I do have one more comment on first hand information I have about the running of the playhouse by Holt. There was a fund being set up to help the Arts community in Youngstown that would endow and pay for the building upkeep of the Playhouse, The Butler, The Historical Society, and the DeYor. Holt almost single-handily ruined that fund by fighting over the right of Stambaugh Auditorium to be a part of that fund, and rightfully so I think. Holt's steadfast refusal to let Stambaugh be a part of the fund, led to the funds demise, a shame indeed for the Arts in Ytown.

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Has the Youngstown Playhouse seen its final curtain?

I am sorry, I thought you were the one that said you would get questions answered for this thread, I must have gotten whoever wrote that wrong. I wish they would explain those answers to me then.

I will say, that I find your cavalier attitude about it all a little surprising. If you are as passionate about the playhouse as you said mr lenhoff, I would personally be keeping tabs on something I brought blood, sweat and tears to back to life, that even put me in the hospital for all my hard work as you suggest. Heck, I still check in on my club that I administered for 2 years every 6 months or so, to see how they are doing. They are more than happy to fill me in on things. If I cared about something, I would be checking in on it, not waiting for it to contact me. It goes to question your true intentions for the Playhouse, for personal agrandizement, or really caring, or do they just not trust you anymore to let you know what has been going on?

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Has the Youngstown Playhouse seen its final curtain?

hmmm...sorry, stupid puter.

2) Is the rumor that the IRS has billed the playhouse for back taxes because there was never a quorum meeting of the board,so they lost their tax excempt status?

3) Did the pipes burst to "natural disaster" or did they never turn the water off when they closed the doors.

Inquiring minds want to know...

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