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DeWine launches effort to close Internet cafes

Who is being hurt in a totally voluntary transaction?

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Warren woman holds burglary suspect at gunpoint until cops arrive

I would have opened the door but I would have already armed myself.

April 17, 2013 at 8:05 a.m. suggest removal

One response to Sandy Hook tragedy is ammo shortages

So if I choose to have a gun i am a wacko? Have you heard of Ruby Ridge or Waco? And it was the Nazi's that registered and then confiscated the guns of the Jews, and we all know how well that turned out.

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Red Cross: People not prepared in event of disaster

We don't have to worry about it the Govt. will protect us,NOT!

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Lead-poisoning toll revised upward

How did us older folks ever survive?

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Austintown racino on hold

Just another example of Govt. interference. STOP IT!!!

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Higher speed limit will cause more crashes, some fear

If safety was the real issue then the speed limit would be 25 and no one would be hurt. The safety thing is what the Govt. uses to pass restrictive laws and to control your lives. How many times have you heard this " it's for your safety"?

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Payday lenders use loopholes to maintain high loan rates

If you are dumb enough to use these places then you will pay the price. Stop expecting the Govt. to protect you from yourself .

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Governor signs landmark gun bills

I believe it will be a historic change for the Dems, they won't be re-elected.

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