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Jerry Riley is disabled by Parkinson's Disease and arthritis

this sounds just like something tom daily would do. even though he is not in the best of health himself, he steps up to help someone else.
this community is so generous and steps up to help others, I am very proud to be born and raised in Ytown.

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Cornersburg Post Office will shrink

"This is the final determination of the postal service with respect to this matter, and there is no right to further administrative or judicial review of this decision". Sounds to me like this fellow is telling the mayor of our small town he has no right to question his "authority". arrogant isn't he!! He has a boss, maybe our small town can try going over his head!!! If they would see how many people use this post office every day, but then again, this "final decision" has been made. lets send our letters of protest to HIS boss from our post office, and show him how busy OUR post office really is!!lol thanks for trying John, but maybe this would work better!!

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YSU union donates supplies to Kirkmere students, teachers

this article makes it sound like the present board if the union is doing something new!! this union has done this for many years. the past members have given generously for a long time. and whether the items are american made, they are items that the students need and in many cases cannot afford to buy thenselves.

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Bracelets for Brandy

Brandy is so missed by our family, she was a sweet loving person. this is a great way of keeping her memory alive,
thanks Carrie

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Pa. police: 2 women admit their role in slaying of Beaver Twp. woman, 20

brandy was a sweet girl, we loved her deeply. i hope these animals are put away forever,

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3 groceries open Thurs. reverse Youngstown’s ‘food desert’

"can't stand ya", back at ya!! your name says it all. what a poor example of any opinion!! why are so many people against unions. where would our fathers be if there were no unions to protect them in the mills?? granted they don't have the clout they had, but they are still needed in many areas of employment., try working in a mill or office that has a tyrant for a manager. i am glad to see a new employer in the area, and it is up to the workers to decide if they want or need union representation without the employer threatening termination for trying to unite. and if you don't know how often that happens get your head out of the sand!!
good luck tto the new stores and their employees, i wil be there to shop,

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YSU police chief retires today

congrats Jack. enjoy your family, retirement is awesome, hope the best for you.

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F.O.C.U.S meeting location corrected

please be advised we are meeting for dinner at 6:00 not 7 as listed above. and the cancer society is no longer a sponsor of this group.

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Struthers woman punches mom, spits on cop, damages police station, police report

superstar, what kind of ignorant person are you?? obviously you never worked in a union shop, or ever really worked at all. this had nothing to do with such things, you need to go down south, and join the rebels with their confederate flag. or maybe nazi germany. your kind give our country a bad name, instead of deporting illegal aliens, lets deport ignorant people like you!!

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Jim Tressel’s 10-year reign in Columbus reaches its end

there has only been one person in history who did not make a mistake, and all Christians know who that is!!
Jim made a mistake, and is paying for it, those who are so critical of him don't know him, and what i hear in their comments is jealousy.
how he can be compared to bernie madoff is idiotic. madoff made millions cheating people, jim was trying to shield his players from their misjudgements.
as a YSU fan from their hay days, we know Jim is a good person ans wish him the best.
let the man who has not made a mistake throw the first stone.

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