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Two arsons probed at Rumors Lounge

type in brent furrie. such a wonderful record of felonies, stalking, assault, breaking and entering.

It couldnt be an insurance scam, because brent is such a nice guy...It's only been 3 weeks since hes been charged with assault and will probably have to pay a settlement, thus come the insurance funds...

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Second arson in two days destroys Austintown bar

lol i would say the next course of action is to offer a sizable reward they know will never be paid to thwart suspicion the austintown cops should have checkpoints around gossip to raise money in terms of dui taxes....lets face it...the 18 year olds in gossip cant hold their booze and the couple times i been there, the people that left when i did were in no condition to drive....

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Two arsons probed at Rumors Lounge

most likely an insurance scam...tough part will be proving it....18 year old underage market is a tough profit venture, considering 18 year olds shouldnt even be drinking there in the first place..Whether they burn down or get shut down they eventually all fall

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Racetrack plan triggers opinions in Austintown

If you are reading this you might be saying you will always have a few bad apples that cant control their gambling, why should they ruin it for the rest of us who can...That's why they have that 1800- number..Im with you, I would argue that till i was blue in the face...That is until I was broke, lost my career, my money,ability to pay my bills...and would just go with my friend who would scrape up a few hundred and I would watch hoping he would hit big so i can get a small bankroll to make a comeback...I would watch the new batch of gamblers who just started coming and were there whenever we were there..they were us in the beginning stages...I would say to remind me of myself, before these tables and the thrill of winning big sucked me in...Get out before it's too late..I could write books on gambling and what I've seen...not just at casinos, but at the racetracks...Gambling doesn't discriminate, it will take from the old ladies and men siting at the slots, it will take from the waitress who takes her daily earnings and blows it all, it takes from the businessmen who call off work trying to get out of the hole, it will take from the mother trying to feed her kids, or the unemployed who need more to pay their bills so they make things worse, it will take your retirement, self worth, it will destroy relationships, it will cripple your health make you gain weight, it will lead to depression, sleeplessness, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, wreckless driving....

the jobs and the workers who see others hitting big sucks them in, they are the new gamblers and they dont even see it...the taxes sure...the money will be needed to keep the lights on and food in peoples houses, and the treatment for those who have become addicted...and extra police because there will be people robbing people for their next fix..I've seen it and heard it all...Luckily for me i found a woman who took me away from all of it...How or why she even stayed talking to me knowing how i ruined my life gambling is the biggest win i ever had in my life...I still have the urge, i still dream of having great craps rolls, but then i come to reality and think how much better life is without it...
I would just caution people of having a racetrack eventually casino in your backyard...Although it may not suck you in, it may get someone in your family..maybe your kids, your wife, your brother or sister, maybe your boss...It always does

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Racetrack plan triggers opinions in Austintown

Back in college I would write all my persuasive, any writing/communication papers I could on the benefits of legalizing gambling in ohio....I would have a comeback for anything negative anyone would say or argue me.. that is until I practically spent two years living at a mountaineer and other casinos and watching a couple of my close friends and myself throw every dollar we had and worked for away...combined we lost 650k, but more importantly we lost our self worth.. You can say jobs, jobs, jobs...I mean yeah for around here slightly above minimum wage is better than nothing, but the funny thing is you see the workers at one casino gambling away all their money at that's not all of them maybe half. I never realized how pathetic and sad myself and my friends were...We were the best gamblers you could find, the best strategies, stayed away from slots something you cant consistently win at, the best superstitions, always came with a bankroll...Funny thing is after going for so long and on a repetitive cycle you get to know people and see the same people throwing their lives away, gambling their bill money, gambling their social security checks come the 1st -5th of the month, gambling their welfare checks come the 1st -5th...standing around asking if anyone would buy their watch because they couldnt go home broke..I've seen all the panhandling you could imagine...home depot gift cards discounted from 100 to 50 dollars, so desperate for money i got one one time for 20 bucks...i got a movado for 75 dolIars before..I would say im so glad im not like those people, but in reality i was the same...I became friends with a guy that you would swear he was always winning, but in reality he was taking from his 401k without his wife knowing, with his wife and young kids at home...

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More trouble reported at Jay Jay’s bar on South Side; 2 arrested

Jay jays is mild compared to the cell. The cell had more fights in one night than i seen at jay jays in 10 visits. Alcohol causes fights, its a bar for young people, the difference is the cell attracted more dangerous characters.

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