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Comment history

Youngstown ranks as sixth-highest poverty-stricken city in nation

The Breakdown of the Family= The Breakdown of the Country. Its that simple. (Daniel Patrick Moynihan was right.)

October 21, 2014 at 12:59 a.m. suggest removal

Hatefest toward Obama reflects more on haters than on president

"Time will root your kind out and it will be good redence when it does."

Cambridge, Your spelling is every bit as good as your logic- Congratulations, it must be the Frisco Air!

October 21, 2014 at 12:43 a.m. suggest removal

Hatefest toward Obama reflects more on haters than on president

Well, I see nothing changes- still a Mud fight!

Trouble is when you sling mud at each other it gets in your eyes and then you can't see straight anymore.

October 20, 2014 at 11:52 p.m. suggest removal

Voters should back school levy renewals in 13 Valley districts

Well, Dagwood, they may not be "common thieves", but they have a powerful Union- the NEA, strongest in the country- which is just as good, if not better. I started to be skeptical of the claims of the "educational establishment" years ago when I discovered statistics that showed there's no actual co-relation in education between money spent per student and quality of outcome as shown in tests. In fact the relationship is inverse, we outspend most developed countries per student- yet we lag behind in most standardized tests. Why is that? Could it be that a large part of the money we spend goes not to educate young people but to create jobs for the union- having more clerical personnel , vice-principals, aids, assorted assistants,- various relatives and hangers-on etc. etc. than are actually necessary to do the job- educating young people.

It's the same paradigm you find in the Youngstown Water Department for the same reason- political clout. The level of over-staffing and featherbedding in that organization is legendary- far higher than anywhere else in the State. The other day on Market Street I passed a YWD work crew- you had a big hole being dug by somebody with a back-hoe- and you had six people standing around watching him do it- and I imagine all six of those people were being paid a pretty good buck to watch him do it.

It's exactly the same in our schools- except we don't see it (we only notice when it comes time to pay the bill). For that reason, I shall continue to vote "NO" to just about every school levy I can get my hands on, i.e. for which I am eligible to vote for. Voting them down makes my day!

October 20, 2014 at 10:43 p.m. suggest removal

Downtown — finding a way

Since were on the subject: Where the City of Youngstown Should be spending it's precious- and scarce- tax dollars?- Here's one: has anyone traveling up and down Market Street lately noticed the condition of the light posts- they look terrible- rusted, full of holes- as if they'd come out of the Brier Hill rolling mill 70 years ago- and every other one seems to have a big white X on it, which I take it means- "due for replacement".

Now those posts also carry the electric utility lines, now my question is- who get's to replace them- the City or the Electric Company? I'm guessing the City of Youngstown- because I can't imagine Ohio Edison waiting till they're almost ready to fall over before they start thinking about replacing them.

So, with urgent needs like that- among many, many others- facing a City with a declining population- and tax base- the idea of seriously entertaining an idea as ludicrously frivolous and wasteful as "Wayfinding" is doubly bizarre- even by Y-town standards. (Detroit- Here we Come!)

October 20, 2014 at 12:24 p.m. suggest removal

Downtown — finding a way

All these new businesses in Youngstown would do much better if the parking situation were improved. People would like to go downtown for restaurants, shops, etc., but what deters them- and sends them to Boardman or the Niles Strip instead, is the lack of convenient parking. Granted, it's a sign of our laziness and we'd all be better of if we'd walk a block or two instead of pulling up directly and walking right in as in the burbs, but that's the reality. And there's the fear people have of being mugged or accosted by a panhandler- which the downtown has it's share of. I don't think anyone is going to stay away from downtown because of a lack of "signage". The whole thing is ridiculous- "Wayfinding"- another boondoggle probably thought up by somebody in California.

October 20, 2014 at 1:46 a.m. suggest removal

Downtown — finding a way

Wayfinding: "Signage and other visual and physical cues to easily guide people in a logical way through a physical space. Enhancements when you look up or look down that ideally keep you on your way and prevent you from losing your way ... and staying away."

You mean "street signs"? I thought Youngstown already had those. I was raised in this area and I don't go downtown that much, but when I do I never have much trouble finding my way around. It's a small town to begin with and the streets are laid out geometrically (unlike Pittsburgh which reminds me of a huge spider"s web) and there are signs at every corner and so I can't imagine anyone needing more than the "signage" (Much more impressive than "street signs") and the other "visual and physical cues"- in other words you can see where you want to go- that we already have to keep from getting lost.

My Question is This: Why would a fiscally challenged city- Detroit here we Come- like Youngstown seriously entertain a proposal which is a boondoggle pure and simple potentially costing the beleaguered taxpayers up to a quarter of a mill (which the city doesn't have) and why would the Editor of that city's newspaper pay homage to such an outrageous scam without questioning it? ("...the core heartbeat of any population center" repeating their PR. Gimme, a Break, Todd! Are they paying you a commission for saying that? It's BS and you know it.) What you say in your column, or should I say "publicity release" explains why Youngstowner's are so cynical and distrustful of their elected officials- they sense a lack of respect for the hard-earned tax dollars they are entrusted with. In plain English- we have a political class that thinks public money is theirs to piss away.

"Without questioning it." What exactly, in plain English, is "wayfinding" and how is it an improvement over street signs which we already have? If the Editor of the Vindicator hadn't been so preoccupied with churning out gushing prose- he might have asked that question.

October 20, 2014 at 1:20 a.m. suggest removal

Hollywood Gaming's first financial report shows high numbers

"“Obviously it’s only been three weeks, [but] we’re still very pleased at the response from people in the community to the facility. ... We’re certainly hopeful we can sustain that momentum."

What that means- in plain English- is that Youngstowner's are good "suckers". They're not running these machines to put money into the wallets of the "gamers", it's the other way around. I still think the odds should be prominently displayed on each machine- and every GAMBLING venue- including the State Lottery.

If "gamers" saw how they were being fleeced, they might think twice and spend their money more wisely- like eating to excess or getting drunk- at least they'd have something to show for their money that way- instead of fattening the wallets of crooks and racketeers (that we've allowed to morph into a "legal" enterprise).

October 8, 2014 at 11:40 p.m. suggest removal

Thrust into idled murder case, retired judge jump-starts justice

Nice editorial- right to the point. Only question I have is- why wasn't it- or something like it- written a long time ago when it became apparent that the Martin case wasn't moving along as it should? It might have done some good then.

I read your paper almost every day (one of my bad habits) and I don't recall any editorials over the past four years where you asked why this particular case wasn't moving along as it should- when it might have helped. Instead, you wait for the "dust to settle"- with somebody from another part of the state to, again, clear up one of our messes- and then you complement them for it! Which, again, serves to make us in Mahoning County feel like Dolts and Idiots!

Thank You very Much. I must be a Masochist to keep subscribing to a paper which gives me an Inferiority Complex. If you want to do something constructive why don't you ask the Big Question: Why is the Mahoning Valley so Chronically Dysfunctional?

Answer: We're a microcosm of a One Party State- the Soviets under Stalin weren't more rigidly monolithic than the Mahoning Valley under the control ot the Democrat Machine. We keep getting incompetents and Party Hacks- like our wonderful Judge Evans- because the machine is only capable of producing incompetents and Party hacks. That's what it does best.

P.S. I hope you aren't planning to do tomorrow what Todd did on Sunday- write a mealy-mouthed retraction of everything you just said. Call it a question of "nuance".

October 7, 2014 at 12:39 a.m. suggest removal

Hired leaders to aid ours?

Todd, you really can't have it both ways- even though I know it's highly tempting and convenient to straddle issues and cover your behind from either direction- but, it doesn't work: In your column, you said: "If Martin was a white real- estate agent from the suburbs and her two assailants were black, do you think justice waits four years? Do you think the prosecutor’s office sits on its hands while witnesses grow old, forget things and die off? Do you think a judge sits on it like Evans did? And do you think the white suburban power structure quietly lets the judge sit while they all attend golf scrambles?"

That's what you said in your column. Now, in your comment, what you say is this: "To be clear, I did not write that Evans made his decision based on race. It's nuance. But I was specific to not say such. My point is that the mismanagement/laziness and system-wide ambivalence are not allowed to happen for 4 years if she is white. That, I feel strongly about."

Am I wrong in assuming that the two statements contradict each other. You can't say "if Martin was (had been) white... and her assailants black, do you think justice waits (would have waited) four years?" and then turn around and say: "...I did not write that Evans made his decision based on race. It's nuance. But I was specific to not say such."

Huh, what gives? If Evans didn't make his decision (to delay and procrastinate) based on race then why did you say- or imply- he did in your column and why do you refuse to stand by your words now? You can't have it both ways. You can't open up the "can of worms" that Evan's decisions were racially motivated- which you clearly did in your column- and then turn around and try to retract what you said:- "it's all mismanagement and laziness, etc. etc".

I happen to think that what you said in your column is by and large correct and I got on-line to commend you for it until I read your... comment. I agree, if Vivian Martin had been a white realtor from Poland showing houses on Yellow Creek Drive and been assailed by two guys from the hood- nobody would have been "sitting on their hands", that case would have rattled along quickly. I have to think the Martin family were far too patient in waiting for the creaky wheels of justice to turn- a four year delay in a capital case with abundant evidence is more than inexcusable- it's Criminal.

P.S. On a personal note, I met Vivian Martin several years before her death- she was showing a house I was interested in at the time. She was a lovely, gracious, beautiful woman- and she was an excellent realtor. When I read about what happened to her- it made me weep. I am glad her family have- finally- some kind of closure. It should Not have taken four years. I think there ought to be a State Investigation as to why it took that long.

October 6, 2014 at 12:16 a.m. suggest removal



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