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Columbus mayor bans city travel to Arizona

The real question is are laws being broken. If the Federal Govt won't or refuses to enforce the laws what are states suppose to do? Arizona was forced to enact this law by the refusal of the Federal Govt to provide the most basic function of government, protect their citizens. This is not a Left vs Right issue, it's a Right vs Wrong issue. The truth is that the federal immigration law is much more strict that Arizona's. The federal law allows for racial profiling. A federal law enforcement officer can stop anyone at any time and inquire about their citizenship. If people like (300 and hope4thevalley) were really concerned about racial profiling and legal American citizens being stopped than why don't the write their congressman and get the federal law changed!! They don't because Arizona has a Republican Governor and the the President is a Democrat. I didn't see an up roar when then Democrat Governor Janet Napalitano pleaded for the federal govt to send armed troops to the boarder. This problem has not been delt with for many years. Although I am a Republican I was pissed at then President Bush for his lack of action too. American is a land of immigrants that is what makes America strong but were also a nation of laws and those laws have not been enforced for a long time. Finally a Governor, a state has stepped up to protect their citizens. Arizona is just the first state to do this, watch out for other states like Florida to enact similar legislation. I'd like to see the mayor's of Columbus, San Fransico and Los Angeles boycott Florida. No more Mickey Mouse vacations.

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