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Pavlik to take summer break

How is Kelly different from other athletes? Kelly is not going to "stop living" because he is a boxer. He can still drink. Just needs to know when and where-in between training. Most athletes his age don't know how to hamdle all the fame and fortune, and it changes who they are. But mostly, it changes cause everyone is out to suck him dry and take advantage of him and his money. Everyone wants to be his friend when he wins-but who sticks by him through thick and thin? A true fan. This is no different than the football players in the news with all their problems-baseball players too. The Love 'em-Hate 'em attitudes of fans is present in any sport. Gossip is every where. Fine line between that and slander though. He just needs to choose his friends wisely, and follow his heart and do what make him "happy". He is the driver and everyone is along for the ride. Thats "just the way it is!!

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Post-fight thoughts.

Not go to cover the next Pavlik fight? Shame on you. Send me-I'll gladly go. I will round up a tour bus and fill it up and get group rates,etc. etc. Just let me know where and when. Some advance notice would be nice. And set up payment plan so economy no excuse. It does seem that his fights are bad timing though when everyone is broke. Me,them, and everyone. Watched it at a bar locally and the support for Kelly was still there-so not having support? No backing? Where are you looking? Not everyone can afford that high price of tickets unless you are a businessman or wealthy/own a company, etc. The cost of tickets are ridiculous for the average person. Drive there? No problem. Most people can't afford the good seats and would rather get a better view on TV and have a party since don't have a grand just laying around to blow. Don't mean we don't support him. Doesn't mean we won't go. Just need a travel bus, and group tickets,etc. but advance notice to be able to save some money or get time off from work would be nice too. The local station should be there doing coverage on him for days before the fight and show what his routine is. Doesn't mean you have to show it right away but getting that footage would be great and something the fans would be interested in. Send me and a cameraman next time if you don't want to go.

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Tension builds in Team Pavlik

It is Kellys is his life and he has to live with all the choices he makes-regardless of right or wrong. Too many people are trying to run his life and support their lives off of him. He has to do what feels right in his heart. At his last fight, as soon as I saw his face, I said, "He doesn't want to win this. You can see it in his eyes." and felt throughout the fight that part of him wanted to win but the other part wanted to loose so he can just "step away" from it all and take a break to rethink what he wants in both his professional and personal life. Kelly is still my "motivator" and I am gonna write him a letter and tell him so. Things in my life kind of coincide with what goes on in his, and I also "took the summer off" from my own workout routine, but we all need a break now and then just to "regroup" and get that fire back. I truly believe that if Kelly gets that fire back, he will do fine. He looked healthy and happy before the fight. But then looked like crap at the actual fight and lost his desire. Shame on his trainer and father for that!!! Who was looking out for him before the fight in regards to his health and nutrition? When I heard what his weight was, I was so pissed off at both his trainer and father (and Kelly too) for letting his weight get that far out-of-hand. Gimme a break! Anyone with any common sense knows that sweating it off isn't gonna mke you go out and do awesome!!Come on, a little sense here! I will support him-whether win or loose, and whether box again or not. He just needs to be realistic about being healthy. I am not a nutritionist-just a nurse- and I feel Kelly cannot go on at 160 without jeopardizing his health and his career. He needs to get at a weight that allows for a realistic lifestyle where he will be both healthy, but happy as well-since mental attitude is a HUGE part of the whole process. I just hope others will continue to support him as a person, and respect his choices-SINCE THEY ARE HIS TO MAKE. We all have opinions but ultimately Kelly is in charge of Kelly.

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