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The weight is over

Youngstown needs to rally behind Kelly on this fight. Have Banner contests all over the city. Have a send-off party on the Plaza or at his restaurant. Give away T-shirts. Posters,etc. Anything and everything to get the city rallied behind him. Good Luck card that thousands can sign. Vindicator needs to add a "Countdown to Kelly fight" in the paper like they do for # of days til Christmas. And the list goes on and on. Get started now PR people....will be waiting and watching to see what you come up with.

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Pavlik could face Lorenzo on Nov. 13

Hey Kelly-
Get hustling on that weight thing like NOW so you don;t go through that same crap you had to for your last fight. Change up your workouts-different routines, different people around you who pump you up (aka motivators), different places, whatever it takes. Nutritionist? Just start with common sense-you know how your body feels. Eat smart. Train hard. Endurance. Muscle confusion. Keep variety in your workouts!! Doesn't matter who your opponent is as far as I am concerned-just be grateful of the opportunity to get back in the ring. Start with the right mental attitude-thats the key!! Good things will follow for you. YOU control your destiny. Good luck. Will be cheering for you in Ohio. StubHub tix are WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for most of your fans here in Y-town but will be supporting you here. Gonna start making a HUGE banner to hang on my house for fight day and either go out to a bar and watch the fight or have a KP party at my house-either way, you got my support and that of my family and neighbors too!!! ......YOU GO, KELLY! YOUR TIME IS NOW!!...AND REMEMBER..IT IS YOU IN CONTROL, AND YOU CONTROL YOUR DESTINY. Yes, the physical is important, but get the mental psych up NOW. And stay away from all the people who bring you down. Positive people are what you need. Supporters. Motivators. Not gonna criticize anyone from your training camp because I don't know who does what for you. Only YOU KNOW THAT. You know what works and doesn't. You know what it takes and how to get there. People in your corner? You got it. More than you know. Now go out there and kick some *** and make Y-town proud, but mostly, do it all for you (and your family-aka make yourself proud so your pride will continue to shine through your kids. They are already proud of you-so now do it for Kelly. ....Forged in Fire (get that fire back in your eyes and in your heart), Iron (work hard so your punches feel like nothing they felt before at a strength and speed that will amaze your opponent) and Steel (with hard work they will think theyre hitting steel and say damn why wont this guy go down?)....I BELIEVE IN YOU!! YOU ARE MY MOTIVATOR! (yah, I know that sounds weird but in a different way of motivating me in my life to "keep going" that you wouldn't understand or don't care to post). Regardless, now is the time for you to shine. Now go out and deserve it, and everything else will follow. Donna

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Pavlik’s bout set to boost positive vibes

Checked StubHub for ticket prices and they are WAY OUT OF PRICE RANGE of what I can afford to, sorry to say that won't be there to cheer you on. But if you strain hard enough you could probably hear me cheer you on from Ohio. Some of the "rich" people can afford to go-but unfortunately cannot afford a few thousand ($3000 to $10,000 a ticket for ringside!! OMG) for ringside and don't like heights (no 300 level for me!) so will either go out and watch it somewhere or have a KP Party and watch it at home. Good Luck. I have a workout that I do at the Gym called my "KP" workout and you keep me motivated to even go. Do my "KP" routine with some AC/DC and I'm off. I too took the summer off-now gonna start my routine again-back to gym with Nov. as my "goal" too. Have your "Forged in Fire,etc." picture to look at when I need a "motivator", Good luck. Work hard. Keep variety in your workouts so you don't get bored. Change it up. Start healthy NOW!!! Crank up the music when you workout too-it helps motivate. Gonna start making my new 8 foot banner to hang on my house for your fight. Support? You got it. More fans than you think. STILL proud of you and glad getting the chance to make yourself proud of you!!! You go, Kelly! This is just the beginning of bigger and better things for you to come!!!!! Donna

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