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Equality for all is urged

I also pray that May 8th runs smoothly. As for those who are questioning the issue of God and Gay. Please take a moment and follow the link below. You will find that the most common writer of the bible King James was Gay or at least Bi-Sexual.

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In reference to the rally coming up on May 8th. I have a few comments to you. You want to stand behind the Bible. So lets stand behind it, but first I have a few questions to ask of you.
1) Does your church have board members that are divorced ?

I think I made my point. I you don't think so just take the time and read the whole Bible instead of taking what you want to talk about.

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Mustache advocacy group seeks tax break

It seems we have truely lost our minds ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Marine recruits from Valley remembered

Our hearts and prayers go out to all the families that have suffered such a tragic loss. Yes, this is a very tragic situation to have to deal with. We just hope that they will find love, and comfort in this time of loss.

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Hagan: assault was random

A cover-up Nahhh not in the Mahoning Valley. We would never think of doing something like that ! LOL

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Three years later, no arrests in killings of 4

Just another prime example of the gang war going on in Youngstown Ohio. Any questions just look at the colors

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Investigation under way for two found dead in Sebring home

As someone who works in the Livery business. This is no laughing matter. Lets take a moment and remember the families during this time. This is a sad turn of events. I hope the family can find comfort in knowing these two folks are no longer in any pain, and are resting comfortable in Heaven

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Real men oppose abortion

Well I have a few problems with the system. When the Mothers life is at risk (which I just wittnessed recently). Yes the abortion should be carried out without anybodys concent. Other than that if a women feels she can bot take care of the baby. I'd rather see ther baby aborted then having that child grow up with a poor set of roll models (parents).

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S. Carolina first lady files for divorce from cheating governor

Yep he left the country to do what he felt he needed to do. But it still boils down to he used tax payers money to do it.

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Which holiday was that?

I think we have to many other religions in our country, to force people to call soemthing Christmas. When you talk to a jew you dont say Merry Christamas. By calling it a Holiday Parade it opens the event to all religions.

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