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Williams faces stormy political weather

Why is it my responsibility to bail the city out of their financial woes?

I know with this question I have presented, I may have made of few of you upset, but please give me the oportunity to explain myself. In 1997 I moved to the area from the Lehigh Valley (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton Area) in Pennsylvania. In the early 1990's a great company by the name of Bethlehem Steel Corperation closed it's doors and stopped the manufacturing of steel. Much like Youngstown Ohio, the politicians thought it would be a grand idea to put the financial responsibility on the people. Now because Pennsylvania is a commonwealth, what the state house and local government says goes (citizens have no vote). Upon enactment of these new taxes, the Lehigh Valley seen a rapid drop in population, much like the Mahoning Valley is seeing today. However there was One very large difference in all of this. As the politicians sat back and watched this, they realized they had a very bad situation on their hands. If they would have choosen to do nothing about it, the Lehigh Valley would become a ghost town. So they devised a plan that would attract business's to the area (low property taxes, incentives for the working poor, and the list goes on). This plan helped to Lehigh Valley grow by leaps and bounds. Today the local econmoy is booming with everything from Tech. companies to Pharmaceutical companies, as well as more manufacturing based industry. Taking a look at the state of the ecomony for Allentown Pennsylvania (all facts are courtesy of the United Sates Census Bureau). Listed below you will find a breakdown of the salary scale. 12.6% earn less than $10,000.00. 7.3% earn $10,000.00-$14,999.00. 13.7% earn $15,000.00-$24,999.00. 16.8% earn $25,000.00-$34,999.00. 16.4% earn $35,000-$49,999.00. 17.4% earn $50,000.00-$74,999.00. Then the percentage points decrease from there. Now the sad reality of this whole issue is gas is the two cents higher than Youngstown Ohio. Now lets take a look at Youngstown numbers. 25.1% earn less than $10,000.00, 12.2% earn between $10,000.00 and $14,999.00, 17.5% earn $15,000.00-$24,999.00, and again the numbers fall off from there.

In closing these are very alarming numbers. When the politicians in Pennsylvania realized they had a very serious problem on their hands they chose to do something about it. Unlike Youngstown Ohio, it seems our politicians have become very comfortable with the status quo. The doom and gloom news for the area is as follows. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE GOVERNMENT TO BALANCE A BUDGET, IN ACCORDINANCE WITH THE POPULATION STANDARDS. SINCE THE STANDARDS ARE BELOW POVERTY LEVEL THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD HAVE TO WORK WITH THE SAME.

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