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Youngstown rings in new year with homicide

("lifes2short") Your child must really be proud of you, sagging your pants and listening to loud rap music. Grow up already. No one wants to see your underwear or listen to your rap music. I hope you don't crank up the rap when your with your child, ear damage you know to the child and you. Why you have to play it loud? Let everyone know what useless garbage you listen to?
Think it's about time you mature a little bit and quit being a follower and doing what is "cool". Be a leader instead. Time to man up and be a adult.
Sagging pants and rap. Grow up.

You jus proved my point and I need not say anything else but I will. My daughter actually is proud of me and this is why, because I was 16 when her mother (notice I didnt say baby mama) had her yet I still graduated high school and now attend ysu so despite what you may think of me I'm probably smarter than you (definitely way less of a bigot), and i'm sure shes proud of me because unlike alot of other kids who arent as lucky she can actually I know my dad, my dad loves me and my dad actually spends time in my life. I'm sure a 6year old dosent care what kind of music her dad listens to (and not that its any of your business I listen to my music loud because I want to thats it and that all!), I live in the same america u do so if you dont like constitution and you feel I shouldnt be allowed to listen to what I want how I want talk to the guys wrote it!) or if he sags his pants and contrary to popular belief just because you sag doesnt mean your pants have to be around your ankles. "Grow up" take your own advice, I dont judge people based on trivial things like what type of music they like or the volume they to listen to it at. I posted my comment to pay a man who lost his life 4no reason some respect and drop a little knowledge on people like you because its more important issue and hand but people like you choose to reply to comments like mine. In closing, I've always been a leader which is why at 22years old I've never seen the inside of a cell nor have I ever been arrested. People gravitate towards me because I'm a cool person I dont do what OTHERS think is cool. May God bless you because you are truly lost.

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Youngstown rings in new year with homicide

May God keep his arms around the family of a man who lost his life. And a lot of people on here seem to be forgetting that fact, I'm sure you live in nice neighborhoods with low crime rates and all that fancy stuff but every place isnt as glamorous as your canfield or boardman or poland home which by the way if you moved to sompleace like idk...LA, Chi, NY the $ you pay now and you think your living in such a wondeful place wouldnt get you beans and you'd be living in a neighborhood like the one you get one your computer & bash (YOUNGSTOWN) so thank God for a low cost of living o holy ones. Youngstown has major problems & every one knows it HOWEVER...what are you doing besides spewing hate? Absolutely nothing, because its not your problem right? Nothing can be done without action so if you really care so much take action & I assume alot of people do because of all the comments I see when the story is negative (Just those thugs again) along with many other things that just show how racist, immature, closed minded, & self righteous people are. Dont they always say "if you dont vote you dont have a right to complain"? Well if your not a part of the solution in youngstown why not keep your mouth closed and pray it gets better (thats if you believe in God) and yes some of us in the "hood" do. I probably fit some of your closed minded sterotypes I like to sag my pants because its comfortable and listen to loud rap music etc but I also take active part in my childs life, never been arrested never been to jail and I'm one of the most articulate people you'll ever meet so y not take a break from being a pain and spread love, get to know people and do something positive. Once again a man lost his life (senselessly) his family & friends deserve respect.

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