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OSHP: Teen driver was huffing before fatal crash

well well well, here we go again mister i think i know everything. its funny how you can get on a website and make ridiclious comments on a tragedy.pretty funny how you think you know these girls very well now dont you? i know the barco family and im close with kaylynn and she DOES NOT do drugs or drink.going on her facebook and looking at her pictures of her and her brother "high" yeah how about thats just some kids having fun WITHOUT using drugs, they had sunglasses on and were dancing, and if you knew anything about kaylynn you would know that she loves to dance and be silly.just because something came up you think you have the right to blame her for using things she didnt? and if youre so smart and saw her at a party a couple days ago, you would know her mother has not let her out of her sight, let alone shes not even fully recovered or ready to go out on her own.gettin into trouble? thats farthest from her mind she just lost her bestfrien there buddy why dont you get off her back and let things go? are you so perfect that you have nothing to hide because i think kaylynn telling the truth shows a lot about next time you want to blame someone for something, make sure you get your facts straight.

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