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YSU, faculty dispute final offer

I think using student loans to pay for off-campus living expenses has become a real problem. When I was in college I only secured enough loan debt to cover tuition, books, lab fees, etc. Anything outside of that (car, housing, etc.) was paid for with a job. I lived with my parents and commuted to school. I have run into a lot of young students who no longer live with their parents and are trying to make it on their own, and it is a struggle. Some are taking on an enormous amount of loan debt for degrees that won’t particularly lead to high salary job. I have over $40k in loan debt for an engineering degree and pay $500 per month. There are students who are taking out more debt than that for degrees that will get them jobs that will pay them half of the salary that I make. Some people believe going into debt is the only way to attain what you want, but you have to set some limits.

Is YSU’s education mediocre? I think that depends on your goals. My first college had a highly ranked science and engineering program for which I was not prepared. Professors were more concerned with research and not teaching and they assumed that you had learned a lot of things in high school. My high school education was truly mediocre in regards to science and math and I had to struggle to play catch up in college. By the time I was ready to take more advanced courses I transferred to YSU. The professors at YSU did a much better job at actually teaching the fundamentals and I became a much better student.

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