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Men arrested after shooting

No I don't think I am better, hence we are ALL created equal.

I propose people who actually care move into Youngstown. The only way to change it is one person, one street, one neigborhood at a time. Not easy, however it is better than being on the outside and doing nothing but complaining.

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Men arrested after shooting

Exactly! I am fed up to!! Shut your negative trap and DO something besides talk!!!

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Men arrested after shooting

Open ur eyes once in awhile when you drive. There are people on every street that take care of their property, some streets more than others. The point is, don't make such an ignorant comment

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Men arrested after shooting

It means that you, and everyone else that CONTINUALLY talk trash about Youngstown will continue making outsiders believe that EVERYONE in Youngstown is involved in criminal activity. There are actually people that care about Youngstown and ALL its people and want to help it. Are we not all created equal?! Stop viewing yourself better than the "hoodrats" of Youngstown and actually produce some change rather than foolish, worthless talk.

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Men arrested after shooting

For all you ignorants out there,

My wife and I each have a masters degree with full time jobs and we live in the heart of the southside. Stop perpetuating the stereotype that EVERYONE is a thug, animal, criminal etc. You people do nothing of help for the city but rather continually feed into the bad of it. Media and negative individuals are what keep Youngstown a "bad" place. So, do yourself and the city a favor and keep your uninformed, pessimistic thoughts to yourself.

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Youngstown fights back

You want to know the only true way to change a city that is in this much moving good people in. There is enough people that commented on this post to take up close to an entire street. I agree that the local and state governments should do more, but too many times we rely on government. When is everyone who talks about how bad Ytown is and how it's never going to change, is ever going to actually do something besides just talk!! Real change only happens one person, one neighbor, one street, one community at a time, not by the government imposing or enforcing some law or strategy. we should move everyone out? then you would be a "do nothing" as well..because remember...the government is the people.

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Victim of South Side shooting dies

May God grant this family peace. What a tragedy.

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After 50 years, Jane Goodall sees hope amid destruction

An inspirational person and message indeed!

I hope that somehow just an ounce of what she said last night can spark a small wave of people that can be passionate about making Youngstown a place of sustainability.

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Calvary, West Side Baptist use merger approach to advantage

This is refreshing to hear. People coming together for God's vision rather than dividing.

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Feed the Need Saturday at Covelli

At some point we need to educate the need...not just feed them.

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