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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

what the *^*&^%$ is everyone calling the mooney students thugs. yes there were fourteen of them, but it was a high school fight, with just fists
isnt it true that for whatever reason the mooney kids were parked in the road, Malvasia knew they were there to confront one of them. He punched one of them in the face.
I saw the Vindicator, with the list of charges, why are u not talking about the Canfield kid he got assualt to. He started this whole thing.
Great editing of the clip whoever.
u cut out the part where the dad was choking one of them.
PEOPLE!!! we are argueing over a fight that happened a month ago, just because mooney was involved. There are ALWAYS fights happening.
And about 6 comments on the article 2 dead on south side!!!!

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