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Youngstown board members look at behavior at East, Wilson

I believe kids in this area would benefit from several kinds of scarred strait programs some parents are lost but other have exhausted all avenues of disapline. At this point what is there to do i raised three great productive adults i have had custody of my niece since she was 11 sht took me through. Well i tried everything and finally i took her downtown put a sign on her that said my name is Ayana and i will clean up the streets of youngstown until i clean up my behavior at home and in school. On the back my mom is Kimberly and she is unsatisfied with my behavio . And attitude we were even on the news but she only changed when i told her i would get her out of school early and make he do the same cleaning at school while her peers were leaving school she changed but now just turning 16 she is back to behaviour problems for the last 4 to 5 weeks ran away making almost straight f`s in school ect. I've been to Police emergency room d and e counseling and belmont pines it's. Enough to drive a perent crazy but NO i took everything away but her school books. There are no more friends no activities and hope i dont have to make her clean up in front of her school. But if that's what it takes i am willingto embrace myself by doing that more than she is willing to embrace me acting and behaving the way she has been scarred straight needs to be in youngstown.

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