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Warren to get Ohio Historical Marker to commemorate its role in Civil War

They'd better bolt it down good.... or it'll get stolen

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Idaho travelers plan to stay until stolen dog is returned

Dawn 421..... you need to just go and raise your grandchildren and stay off this page. Your vile comments are not welcomed here. There are problems, murders and deaths ALL over the world...not just this area. Despite all the misery...people still have love for in this case. You may not care...we do. Go away.

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Search intensifies for missing runner

Vindy....Ya need to do some checking before you print a story. Micah Trues' body was found Saturday in New Mexico. It was ALL over the internet and Yahoo.

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Omarosa shares reality of ambition with her native Youngstown

I remember when she was on the Apprentice...she sounded VERY ashamed of Youngstown.
I wonder why she didn't work on getting her brother/family out of the southside?

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Pledge would help dog pound expand

This wonderful couple has also generously donated to the wonderful Cat Ladies Society...the only 'no-kill' cat shelter in the Mahoning Valley. That should have been mentioned too.

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Boy, 17, killed in S. Side violence

This type of scenario is why my family and I moved out of the southside and out of Youngstown. Once, the upper southside was a beautiful quiet area until they closed the old South High school. When that happened, the problems started. Kids cutting through our yards and even picking fights with local kids. We knew it was downhill from there...So,,,...we sold and moved. It's sad that this kid died.

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K-9 officer to retire Aug. 26

Happy retirement Officer Yuma! You've served us proud! Woof!

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Local student wins national art award

A picture would have been nice

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Valley animal groups unite?

The Cat Ladies Society is a Godsend! They are the only ones that truly care about the special needs, blind and disabled cats and kittens. Their facility is beautiful and very clean. The cats are loved, vetted, carefully tended to, and well fed.
I will continue donating to the Cat Ladies!

It does seem like there are many disgruntled ol' Animal Charity employees or volunteers writing hateful things on here. It's so obvious.

Keep doing the excellent work CLS!!!!
I believe you've adopted out somewhere near 1000 cats and kittens. Who else around here has done that?

I know you'd be glad to work with other just seems they don't want to pull it together and move forward enough to work with each other.

Keep up the great work CLS! God Bless. Kim from Kinsman

February 2, 2011 at 2:34 p.m. suggest removal

Animal Charity board appoints humane agent

This clone of Borosky, who has a history of physical assault, is NOT qualified to fill this position! Someone on the Board may think he is nice and have good manners...but bottom line, he does not.

What was the urgent hurry to fill that job?

Why didn't the Board take the time to properly solicit applications or run an ad to find someone better qualified?

Judge Belinky...please do not swear him in until you have more information about him. Talk to folks at other shelters who have dealt with him. If you dig will not be impressed.

Board of Directors...PLEASE reconsider this decision. This is a BIG mistake. If you're trying to get Animal Charity reestablished, hiring another unqualified Joe Schmoe is not the answer. This is yet, another giant step backward for you.

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