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Warren mother: Officer traumatized my sons

Wow is all I can say! To think these comments are coming from responsible adults. It saddens me that there are those who actually agree with this behavior. Let's me honest here, this situation is out of control. And I am neither white or black. I am human and I am a mother. And to imagine my children face down with guns to there back is unbearable. I consider myself a fair person, and I honestly try to give people the benefit of the doubt. But who in there right mind could justify this behavior coming from someone of great authority? If this officer felt reason to question, there are more appriopriate ways of doing that than forcing "babies" to the ground with a gun towards them. Let's be honest and real here!!! And for those who agree with this officer, I'd love to see you face down with a gun to your back. I bet you wouldn't be talking so much right now. And what if that were your childen? Would you still feel the same?? Its no wonder our growing generation is the way it is...Look at the influence. Look at their leadership! I pray those children will one day be settled in what has dramatically happened to them, that has stolen a bit of their innocence. My paryers with them and their family.

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