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McNally forgoes re-election bid, mulls mayoral run

Does McNally even live in the city?

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Ohio lawmakers split on military gay ban

If gay men and women can put their lives on the line for this country's freedoms, then they should be able to enjoy the freedom of not having to hide who they are while in the military.

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Steely Dan-a VERY Brief Review/Suggestions

I've seen Steely Dan in the 80's, the 90's and now, 2009. The early shows were good. In some cases, fantastic. I never found them to be a bad concert... until now. The Akron shows were embarassing. Don Fagen is losing his voice. The band had no edge. The horn section sounded like it was called out from the Local Musicians union. I struggled to stay through the third song. I left in disappointment. I really loved SD back in the day, but the affair is over after the Akron shows.

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Adams execution date set for March 2, 2009

Bull Chip,

I don't believe in the death penalty for ANYONE, but when you see it applied as it has been this week, it shows why prosecutors and juries can't be trusted to apply it fairly.

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Adams execution date set for March 2, 2009

So, let me make sure I have this straight.-If you kill six black people by burning them to death, you get life. If you kill one white woman by choking her, you get the death penalty?

And people wonder why black folks don't trust the justice system.

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