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Clinton promises steady hand in dangerous world

Pookie- you have sown so much hatred on this site it's disgusting. Like your fellow Dems you do not possess any ability to keep track of your hate . Is it dementia or Alzheimers? All of us here know of your atheistic views. If you don't believe in a God that's your business. But to vote for a woman who is going to be a carbon copy of what we had in office for the last eight years is scarey. She has become your God! Talk about a false prophet! Meanwhile the bodies are piling higher and higher while the current POTUS won't call the terrorists Islamic. We don't want to hurt poor Mohammed's feelings now do we? He might get a complex. Meanwhile too our police are being slaughtered in the streets but you don't see Hillary mentioning THEIR names! You have brass ones! The Dems love the First Amendment as long as you agree with them. Disagree and their panties get all twisted and they get nasty. When Slick Willy said "I did not sleep with that woman" he meant Hillary. Duh...

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Woman tells cops: “I hope God murders you...”

I think the best punishment would be taping her mouth.

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‘Let’s keep it going,' Obama urges Dems

They said you can't believe anything Trump says? Wow- quite a statement from the Dems. What nerve! Obviously they have no memory of all the lies Hillary has spouted over the years. And as for Obama's comments on America being the greatest we still lag behind nine other countries in education. That's deplorable! Just as long as their kids went to the best schools is all that matters. They are beyond being a joke anymore. Where were they when inner city kids didn't even have books to learn from? Right here in Youngstown the kids are getting a sub standard education. And she has the nerve to campaign here? We are being laughed at by other countries. Obama still refuses to call the terrorists Islamic. Just keep shoving these problems under the rug. Meanwhile innocent people are being slaughtered. Denial denial denial .

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Hillary gets boost from Bill as she wins historic nomination

A good friend of mine had a meet and greet with Hillary back in 2011. He off handedly said "How's Bill?" She gave him a smirky look and said "I don't really know but if you see him tell him I said hello." True story. Speaks volumes.

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Delegates from Valley are eager to make history

Jerry is right. It's like being asked to chose between being shot or stabbed. I didn't think anyone was worse than Nobama but I was wrong. It's just coming down to the lesser of two evils. My hand refuses to color in the oval of a democrat. What's left? I'm just going to pencil in the name Elvis. He was smart- he already left the building.

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Attorneys for Danny Lee Hill say bite-mark evidence was relevant to his murder conviction

He's a disgusting animal who was raised by wolves. He should have been put down decades ago. Your tax dollars alive and well people.

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Kimble: Youngstown schools' CEO will make all final decisions

She definitely has mental health issues. When will she ever realize that it's HER that has the problem? She needed to go years ago. We'll see how long it takes for this CEO to quit. Poor Connie Hathorn left a broken man from her antics. Before he went he should have put her in her place. Back in third grade .

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Deputy assaulted by jail inmate

He was given too much freedom to begin with. He was in an open area of a disciplinary pod? Hmm.. With his lengthy record of assault etc. why isn't he in his cell enjoying his own company? Prisoners have more rights and privileges than people on the outside. Maybe we should foot the bill for a sex change too.

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Mooney president, Father DeLucia, returning to parish ministry

I don't think Mooney really ever needed a president. A principal was always enough. I think Fr. DeLucia needed some time off period. Floating would be his best option.

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Youngstown community mourns Orlando shooting victims

Askme- let's dump on the wrong people again. A Christian didn't commit this crime. If Christ were here he'd condemn this act of cowardice. I am a card carrying follower of Christ and I'll be the first one in line to defend someone's rights. You really have a grudge against Christians. Why don't you judge the person who commits the crime and not an entire religion. Let those who have no sin throw the first stone. Seems like you have a bag full of rocks!

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