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Lowellville police chief resigns after agreeing to protection order

This guy seems like a loose cannon. Can't understand why people become stalkers. Scarey stuff. If I were this woman I'd sleep with a 9 mm under my pillow. I don't think this will be the last she sees of him. His head is totally screwed on wrong.

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Kelly Pavlik sued in shooting

Kelly should concentrate on being a good father to his children. Put away all his childish toys and get rid of his false friends. I'm sure Jack Loew and his parents told him the same thing. When is it going to sink in???

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DeBartolo humbled, honored by NFL HOF induction

Ur always going to have haters in this world. Eddie paid his debt. Period. He and Denise could have moved everything out of the Valley and headed west but they didn't. Geez give these people credit. There's a lot that they do to help this valley that is done under anonymity. Just suck it up all you toxics.

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DeBartolo humbled, honored by NFL HOF induction

The only disconnect are the people who have done nothing with their lives and are bitter about it and those that work their butts off and succeed. I bet if Eddie offerered free Super Bowl tickets you'd be the first in line Silence!

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DeBartolo humbled, honored by NFL HOF induction

Eddie and Denise could have used their inheritance any way they wanted. They chose to invest in other people. They both worked hard and deserve any and all praise given. With all the crooked politicians that ever came out of this valley we should be proud that the DeBartolos are from this area and speak of it often. Looks like the green eyed monster has already poked his head out.

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Woman charged with urinating in front of Pokemon GO players in Courthouse Square

We need to do to her what science did to The Blob. Drop her off in Antarctica . Problem solved.

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Couple takes interest in abandoned North Side cemetery

Calvery Cemetary won't release any records to anyone. They say it's private info. They do operate their Cemetary their way. They tell you where to bury your loved one in the Cemetary and will not allow large headstones anymore unless it's approved. So sad that loved ones can't find nor grieve unless they ask first. Only fresh flowers in the Spring and summer. No mulch or stones are allowed near the graves. They say it's hard on the lawn mowers but it's my personal experience that the lawn mowers are running over the flat markers and scratching them up. Very upsetting.

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Clinton: Trump unqualified to be president

Believe me they know where The Crab is and who shot Joey Naples. They figured it's just good riddance to bad rubbish and buried the stories. On the other hand I wouldn't put it past Hillary to collect an envelope on her way out of Pennsylvaia. Monica Lewinsky collected a lot more off of Bill. They're like snakes in a barrel crawling all over each other. Can't imagine the stank.

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Clinton promises steady hand in dangerous world

As one Dem earlier stated "The Trump people are mainly uneducated." Really??? I think Jethro Clampett with his sixth grade education is smarter than Hillary's supporters. I don't think the populace who abuse the Medicaid system can even spell the word college let alone attend one. Oh that's right- Hillary is going to fix that! Obama had eight years. He failed the children miserably. Hillary will fail too. And the cycle continues.

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Clinton promises steady hand in dangerous world

And what is she doing about it CAMBRIDGE??? Her passive aggressive attitude is appalling !!! What did Nobama do about it?? Talk is cheap. Put the police pictures , names and those they left behind in the news everyday till it sinks in to the public how society is breaking down. Keep the Benghazi victims names in the news everyday lest we forget. God forbid we hold people accountable. If she wins the economy will get better- we can all make a profit making flags that read United States of Isis.

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