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Mahoning Valley helps deep-six Issue 2

Yea Stewie you are so briliant. Youngstown=Detroit.Hard workers, Keep coming down south as long as you do not bring any of the nannny state politics with you. Your kids will have a chance to make it and not have to hand over their paychecks for union bennies . My brother is a Fireman in ATL. and my sister-in-law is from Clevland. They are doing fine down here. Stewie you just keep talking, one day you will wake up and everyone's pension will be gone when the whole system collapses. We are tired of bailing u out.

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Mahoning Valley helps deep-six Issue 2

-Ohio What have you done. Now more of your business and hard working citizens will be heading south. You have already lost congressional seats if you haven't noticed. We have so many citizen from Ohio and Michigan that they could make their own Little Ohio. All are great people although they talk a little funny. The only problem is their constant conversations about Ohio State and Big Blue. They already enjoy the weather and laid back life, all that is left is to convert them to the SEC football family.

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