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Manhunt for Canfield teacher's killer

@yng00128. I realize it was not about me or kids. But I dont think it is too much to ask to LOCK THE DOOR to ensure the safety of children. Forgive me, but I dont think someone capable of cold-blooded murder would be thinking rationally. If it were YOUR children, I bet you'd understand. And if you have kids there, and you don't? Then there is something seriously wrong with you.

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Manhunt for Canfield teacher's killer

This is so wrong. This monster should have been locked up!! And I just want to say I am OUTRAGED that Canfield Schools did not find is necessary to lock down the schools. I have kids that go there and they didn't even bother to LOCK THE DOORS!! When I called I got, "Oh things are fine, there is no connection to the school" Not pleased Canfield!! They did not even lock the doors!

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