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Panel narrows list to 3 for YSU police chief

I would love to see John get this position. After all it's gonna b hard to fill Jack's shoes but it'll feel right for john to get it. He is a YSU alumni as well. Good luck to all 3 candidates.

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Struthers students build a future city, win an award

Great job boys.we are so proud of u. Xoxo <3

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Fired Youngstown cop returns to duty

I'm sorry but I still think that Daniel over exaggerated things and some of it never happened.
As far as one officer is back and the other isn't, hmmm history repeats it's self :-(

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Chief: Hubbard still relatively safe

I used to live in Hubbard till about 15 yrs ago and we could leave cars unlocked and windows down over night and nothing would ever be missing. You could leave windows open and doors unlocked in your house while u went to grocery store etc.I have never felt afraid. I'm sure that even today you could do some of those things. Hubbard is a great place to live at.

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Jillian&#8217;s closes in Boardman

It's a joke. $50 is their savarence pay. The owner of this Jillian's owns D&B as Well.

January 31, 2011 at 9:46 a.m. suggest removal

It&#8217;s time to end silliness over Hubbard&#8217;s top cop

This is a joke. Why did they put Marty in that position if they r going to do this to him. Time for change in Hubbard again!!!!

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Hubbard places top cop on leave

OMG photoman that is funny but probably true. What is going on in Hubbard???? Things aren't the way they used to be. :(

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Leslie Nielsen, star of &#8216;Airplane!,&#8217; dies

What a shame. He was sooo funny. I really liked him. RIP.

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Audrey Toney believes charges against brother, father untrue

Wow what a lovely family!!!! She has some nice charges against her as well. Lock up the whole family That way there is nobody left to complain and cry how they are innocent. So sad to be
that delusional!!!

October 2, 2010 at 7:22 a.m. suggest removal

‘Mistaken identity’

Mistaken identity???? Really??? How do you mistaken some ghetto trash from an older white couple?? Seriously!!! It's not like they had tinted windows, music booming, or that it was night time! There is no excuse!! Why don't we mistakenly take them out instead of wasting more of taxpayers money? Oops, a mistake!!!

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