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Despite NFL players coming out, many gays still fighting for rights

I completely agree with bjorr. The topic of homosexuality is going to look like the topic of race in 20 years.

This is an issue that is so blown up for no reason. It needs to be let go.

People need to realize that everyone is different. Whether it be who you are attracted to or some other characteristic that makes you unique.

There is no need to over dwell on personality traits that people carry when they are not hurting anyone else.

Let it go.

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Scrapping plans for consolidation will hurt YSU telecom students

As a senior from The News Outlet this makes me so annoyed. When I started at YSU there was a big separation between The News Outlet and The Jambar. Now more than anything I wish we were all a little closer. Other majors get a building and share resources and we are cut thin and separated. We are growing and influencing more and more people but if we were together sharing resources we could do so much more.

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