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Homeless William Bednar charged in Youngstown puppy killings

This "person", and I use that term loosely, is a serial killer in training. If William Bednar does this to innocent animals, he is obviously perfecting his skills and there is not a doubt in my mind that he will, if he hasn't already, escalate to torturing and murdering humans. Mentally ill? Obviously - but he is a threat to himself and others and he needs to be incarcerated for the remainder of his life. I don't believe for one minute that "treatment" would cure As a tax payer, I will gladly pay for him to be in prison for the rest of his life.

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Ed Port enjoying comforts of family, holiday

Glad you're feeling better Ed! Sending prayers for the most speedy recovery!

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Wife’s love eases pain of Austintown man’s worsening Alzheimer’s

Sending prayers and good wishes to this lovely couple.

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Kitten found riddled with BBs, struggling to breathe

Just further proof of the monsters that live among us. Kittens shot with BB's, dogs burned and scalded and malnourished, children molested by their parents while on supervised visitation, teenagers and grown men shooting and killing each other. No regard for life. Shaking my head........sickening...........

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Cattle die in early morning crash

The driver was moooving udderly too fast.

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Feeding ducks leads to yucks

Although I understand the position of the Park and agree that the Lily Pond needs cleaned up and I also understand why they're asking us not to feed the ducks and geese, I have to say I agree with Ytownnative - it does seem the The Park doesn't want you there. As Ytownnative said, they took away all the parking places - the last time I went to The Rose Garden, I took my shoes off while walking through the grass and you would have thought I just commited murder. The Garden security yard came running and yelled at me to "put your shoes on!" - I was very embarassed - and my husband and I left because I was so embarassed.

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Young inventor pops onto scene

What an impressive young man! What an impressive Dad! What a testiment that he wants to contribute a portion of his earnings to charity. What a bright future this young man has.

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Kelly Pavlik’s reputation takes a huge hit

Fight for peanuts? He trains for a couple of weeks and fights one night to make $50,000 and that's peanuts? Try working for YEAR to make $26,000 BEFORE taxes. I've always been a Pavlik fan but he has now demonstrated he is out of touch with reality. As Mr. Mancini said, "you're only as good as your last fight". I wish you well in your retirement Mr. Pavlik.

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Temperatures approach record levels in Valley

@lefty - Those of us who lived on the west side had Borts pool back in the 70's. Some of the best days of my life were spent at Borts Pool in the summer back in the day. The West side and Borts was a wonderful place to be a kid in the 70s. Now? Not so much........sad. But the little girl in the picture looks like she was having a wonderful time.

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Jay Williams will join Obama administration as auto czar

Best of luck, Mr. Williams on your new position.

As a community member who works downtown, I would like to thank you for what you did to the downtown area through the years. If you ask those of us who work downtown, we will tell you that it is hugely improved over the last few years. Sadly, I feel Mr. Sammarone will be ineffectual as he takes over Mr. Williams term as he is part of the "old school Mahoning Valley government".

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