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It’s back! New roller-derby league glides into region

It's great to see other strong women out there having fun! You definitely have my support; can't wait to see a game!

As someone who just moved to town myself, THIS is the kind of community vitality and variety that will draw outside business, since quality of life is a critical workforce factor in economic development.

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Turn on headlights when wipers are on, or else

JeffLebowski: well, I'm new to town, so I'll try to be more hot-headed next time :)

Madam Justmy2cents

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Turn on headlights when wipers are on, or else

I thought it interesting that, both in the online article and in the fourty-odd comments (though I didn't read the print version), there are no statistics regarding the effectiveness of using headlights during rain.

According to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding crash-reducing effectiveness of daytime running lights: (

They say that important to reducing crashes is to increase visual contrast in low contrast conditions; for example, clouds/low levels of light during dusk/dawn and in rain. (Note that in other conditions drivers are more likely to use headlights than in rainy conditions.)

Of the ten studies they reviewed, from seven countries over a period 23 years, the studies found anywhere from 5.3% to 38% reduction in crashes, depending on they type of study (in some it was a law, in others just a fleet of vehicles equipped) and the type of crash (head on, pedestrian, etc.).

Obviously these studies don't specifically target headlights' impact on rain-only crashes, but I can see why there is benefit, both to our safety (and to potential tax payer savings).

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