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Mother upset children suspended from Youngstown school bus

This BS must stop. Some parents seem to abide by this whole "do as I say, not as I do attitude." With Matthew, for instance. His mother tells him, " I know my baby was wrong, " but shows him he's a celebrity by bringing in the media to minimize his actions.. RIDICULOUS.

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Traficanti calls CSB raises ‘unconscionable’

could someone please tell me why children and dogs are being discussed in the same article??? WTF??? get your priorities together!

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Traficanti calls CSB raises ‘unconscionable’

I really feel bad that the economy is terrible, and people are losing their jobs and on unemployment. But can we not forget that these social workers all have at least a bachelor's degree, if not a master's degree and aren't paid accordingly? Aren't we taught to go to school, further your education so you have better opportunities? Not all, but many people on unemployment do not have the same educational background to fall back on, but expect the same benefits as those who did go to school???

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Mahoning CSB approves pay raises for workers

Another point that should be made here. If someone is unhappy with the way that CSB handled a case, then you should be NOT mad at the workers who are trying to address the situation with the family, but rather contact your lawmakers in Columbus who outline what child abuse is. People seem the think that CSB has this magical power that doesn't exist. Ohio Revised Code states what child abuse is, and in most instances bruises on the butt would not result in a finding of child abuse. Parents have paramount rights in regards to their children and what interventions can be done, hence the ENTIRE system is flawed, and again you cannot be mad at the workers who are just doing their jobs. What makes people think that because the economy is bad, no one deserves a raise? It's obvious here that the officials at CSB are handling the taxpayer money well or it wouldn't be able to fit into their budget. And with them making decisions to eliminate chiefs and hire more indians shows they are committed to trying to get as many people out there serving the public as possible. I really wish some one you on here could experience this type of job as I previously did, even for 6 months, I guarentee your tune would change.


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Mahoning CSB approves pay raises for workers

These people deserve WAY more than they are paid. This is something that I can personally speak on unlike most people on here that just seem to be anti-government who won't be satisfied no matter what. I did this job for nearly two years when I first graduated, and it had me running with my social work degree to the hospitals. These are all very decent people who work in a SERIOUSLY flawed field, and that's not their fault. I was terrified often at work faced BY MYSELF with drug addicts, prostitutes, and full blown PSYCHOS armed with a pen and notebook with a whole set of laws and guidelines that I had to respect.. A former co-worker I still have contact with was robbed in the projects about a year ago. And it seems like this money has already been approved years before this levy, so why would you want your tax dollars just sitting in the bank for no reason? Blame the commissioners for that, this should have been handled then. Not to mention they did not replace two TOP level executives in order to hire more line staff. You people are complaining about a part of the levy that in terms of the entire fund is a minute percentage. Give these people a break because daily they already experience damned if you do, damned if you don't all day every day.

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Ryan, Johnson plan teamwork on Valley affairs

I really just hope they find something that works for this area. It's so depressing to live around here and raise kids anymore.

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