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the fair was great this year and normally i hate going. i would say the worst part of it was the parking...maybe next year they can hire adults who know what to do?

September 8, 2009 at 10:19 a.m. suggest removal

Nemenz supporters turn tables on pickets

First of all, Frattarolli's Sparkle in Struthers is the dirtiest store I have ever entered in my entire life. About a year ago, I went in to buy a box of baby cereal. I got one off of the top shelf and it had been gnawed into by a rat, mouse, or equally disgusting rodent. There is a layer of dust on every surface, and every time i go there, there is a different crew of highschool children working. I have not been back since the cereal incident. Instead, i go to IGA. The people who work there are always polite. They smile and look into my face. It is clean. I prefer it.
Secondly, i have not opinion one way or another on unions in general. However, this instance is ridiculous. This is not about informing the workers of IGA of choices. It is clearly about shutting down an area business. It's about bullying. Those picketers are paid bullies and should be ashamed of themselves. Perhaps that union money would be better spent by paying the picketers to go clean sparkle.

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Jury acquits man on rape counts

the jury didn't believe it. we didn't feel he was innocent. i regret my decision

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