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juicylucy (anonymous) says...

More than improving his department on drug seizures Chief Rauzan is financing his pet projects on the backs of his tax paying citizens who are ticketed and fined for driving a few miles over the ridiculous 25 mph speed limit. Wake up people. Drug seizures bring in drugs and any money seized is an added bonus. Addicts don't pay fines because they are degenerates. It's the tax paying working citizens with jobs who are bringing in the money. The Vindicator should ask for an accounting of how much of those thousands are from drugs and how much from traffic fines. I think it would be very revealing. Rauzan's ego is bigger than his sense of duty. He is not helping the law abiding citizens who drive 40 mph and get a speeding ticket -only helping himself to their money. Did anyone notice the change to 20 mph at the bottom of Coitsville Rd? Think of it as a new tax. Don't vote for anymore tax levies -maybe he'll get the message. Judge Cunning is also playing the game with him.

January 6, 2014 at 4:44 p.m. reply suggest removal