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Youngstown health board seeks move from Oakhill Renaissance Place

Who says he is going to win. Caffaro's man is CURRENTLY the Mayor.

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Sewer project to close another downtown street

Yes they would be much better off with an open road and a couple of feet of raw sewage in their basement. I'm sure that would be great for business. Only in youngstown is a project like this seen as such a bad thing. The sewer is over a hundred years old.

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Youngstown public works official suspended without pay

You mean he had to actually go to every business to tell them the road was closed. Usually they send notices to the radio newspaper and tv news stations. What is this guy a jahovas witness makin 80 k a year? Sammarone is delusional

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Valley economy to get $30M lift from GM profits, workers to get $6,750

Ok so when GM employees get a bonus it called a "boost to the local economy" but when public employees get bonuses in years when budgets are in the black it is pigs at the trough. The Vindy is starting to sound like Fox News.

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Voters should have the chance to decide Sammarone’s future

A McNally- Kid general election would give voters two qualified canditates next November.

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Voters should have the chance to decide Sammarone’s future

Really?! It is so common knowledge that Sammarone has his hand out constantly. For decades now. Contractors, Developers, Employees. You name it just ask around. How many retired school teachers do you know drive around new Caddies and are members at Tippy? Its common knowledge around town. And stealing time? How does his YMCA trips fit into that. He lives down there. Everyone sees him he dont even try to hide it.

Oh don't worry the voters will most definately decide his fate!

Vindy,"We have unequivocally endorsed his agenda"


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City condemns parking deck; owner plans to sue

I agree with all of this except Walters comment that spalling concrete is not a structural issue. If there is exposed corroded rebar it i would call that a structural issue.

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Gains reigns in tight Mahoning race, fending off Macejko

I love how Gains attributes his victory to him essentially slinging mud at Jay and not his skills as county prosecuter. Everyone that voted for Gains please remember your vote the next time one of the scumbags that he lets plead out commits another murder. I have no faith in the voters of this area.

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What if Macejko is fired?

BTW let's say hypotheticly the message was sent between Hartup and Jay. What about their constitutional rights of freedom of speech. If they did send it was it not a private message between two individuals? There are men and women that have fought hard for this country to guarantee me the right to wright the President a letter and call him an idiot. On what grounds would the mayor fire him??? No way the Mayor fires him for this.

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What if Macejko is fired?

As far as I can tell Maceko had an employee with attendance issues. He tried to disipline him and the employee being an attorney decided he was going to file a suit against the City. The City did what they always do. Instead of paying out hundereds of dollars in legal fees they settled. Ally of course knew the City would settle because well he works in the prosecuters office duh! As far as the text message goes first of all lots of people send me text messages and pictures that are racist and inappropriate. They are forwarded along like spam. That doesn't mean that I am a racist. You cannot control what people send you. Also anyone can send a text message from your phone. If you leave it on a table in a restaurant and go to the restroom anyone can send anything. Just because a message was sent from someones phone does not mean that they sent it. I can tell you that I know that some of the people on here that are making an issue of this have been on the recieving end of Jays wrath and are bitter.

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