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Lack of clean drug tests to hold back Valley hiring

Re-read the article...90% of Columbiana County residents fail, according to Joe Pro Drugtester from Boardman. And the Indiana Dept of Keeping Useless Records is cited for the 1% rate in Hoosierland. (This could be an Onion article.) So who's stupid? Leetonia is 99% gone on drugs, but Lisbon is 20% clean? Huh? Gary is more than 100% overdosed, but Indy is drug-free? (Who prints this kind of statistical hogwash?) Last headscratcher...pot was legal before 1937, when booze wasn't,,,what role, if any, did the US paper industry play in the banning of the reefer madness?

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Lack of clean drug tests to hold back Valley hiring

OK, so Indiana is more conservative and boring. Duh. But...Y-towners should look on the bright side: Weirton and Wheeling, for example, are worse. Wonderful Wild Wet Wired West Virginia..."the [White] WV mating call" is shaking a bottle of Oxycontin. We could pick on Parkersburg and Portsmouth, OH (a drug hub) all day, and then debate the obvious...pot vs. alcohol and tobacco. Addicts usually end up in attics, lost and forgotten with so much other crap. And there are too many Americans who abuse drugs, food, guns, money...our (d)evolving ways have led us to more painkillers.

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Former Valley pair applauds Obama’s gay marriage stance

As for Obama...and Romney...their debates should be live on SNL. And all of their answers, torts and retorts must include the words "yes, no and flipflop." Keep the cameras rolling during commercial breaks, and we can listen to our illustrious "leaders" babble: "How do I look? Am I winning? Am I coming off like the narcissist that I am? Which way is the wind blowing today?"

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Former Valley pair applauds Obama’s gay marriage stance

Right now, there may be more people in this country "married" to a dog (or cat) than to another human being. Ah, the good old days...Ozzie and Harriet, sexually demented murderous Caligulas, blacks in the back of the bus, no women voting, senators walking in public with their little boy "partners"...thank god (or whomever) we are living now. And as I wrote to my oldest son recently: "The good news is that almost every second there is less racism and other negativity in the USA, as another old reactionary American dies."

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US, Canada stand alone

Obama was, at least slightly, for marijuana legalization. Now, he is adamantly opposed. It fits in perfectly with his evolving ("devolving"?) relationships with bankers, brokers, insurance companies, the military, energy conglomerates, and on and on...In spite of his JFK/MLK/Lincoln rhetoric, Obama has "seen the light" and knows how to go with the middle-right flow. (Make pot legal? Jeeze, that would threaten our massive American anti-cannabis industry. We'd even be forced to close half our prisons...and then have more dangerous, mainly black, dopeheads looking for jobs and stuff to puff. Ugh, it could lead to Reefer Madness II!)...Our Cuban policy has been stupid for many years. Canada/Cuba? Maybe Canada would hurt its existing interests (which are substantial) with/in Cuba if it "pushed" us to end our stupid policies. Of course, Obama and the D's would lose Miami---and FL and the general erections---if they opened up Cuba now.

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Lease will protect Valley landowners from water contamination

In a long list of Valley memories...Brier Hill in the 1960's: "Mommy, it's raining orange and it stinks." And Mom said something like: "Those are jobs, lots of jobs." Did Sheet & Tube, Republic and certain other "people" (corporations) care? (Actually, most of them cared...about golf courses, martinis, sex and money, things, themselves.) Bottom line now...under current fracking laws (oops, there aren't any fracking laws) CHK and HAL and certain other "people" care? HAL yes, they care...about maintaining the "HAL loophole" and golf, Crown Royal, monstrous homes and salaries, stock prices, an inept and powerless EPA, sex and things, themselves.

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Clatter that arose was city’s 9th quake

"Gasland" is worth watching...fricking fracking. The Halliburton loophole probably(?) needs to be closed. There have already been large losses of wildlife and many cases of severe water pollution. The (in)directly related human illnesses and deaths---well, Cabot, Noble and the other big players aren't exactly admitting any guilt. What price jobs??? (And yes, really, how many people do you know who are employed in the natural gas industry? Should we include everyone who is involved in the process---steel, electronics, excavation, monitoring, transportation et al?)

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Youngstown OK’d for Obama cities project — finally

Hmm...our tax dollars at work as usual..."experts" representing American greed, selfishness, corruption and sloppy politics (our wonderful Federal government) telling Detroit, Youngstown, and other cities what they already know. "Our study indicates...we need another study. We need to better understand why we're all so sleazy and self-centered." Um, duh...and by the way...I wanna be a czar too! If Jay can be a car czar, and Elvis was almost the star tsar of drug czars...maybe war tsar of bar czars? Or a czar on par with Hedley Lamarr? (Another "deep" using the word "czar" it our anti-commie history? Is it our longing for the brutal beautiful days of Nicholas and Alexandra? "Czar" and empire...there's a natural fit.)

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Trainer: Pavlik should relocate

It's tough enough figuring out and correcting (real and perceived) problems without alcohol and/or other drugs. It's up to you, and you alone, Kelly. You certainly have it in you to be a great boxer again. Remember when, not long ago, you were down to earth, not stumbling and slurring, not hurting yourself and others (outside of the ring) were just a good, hard-working, straightforward person. Maybe Ojai, or somewhere warmer and more "worldly"(?), would be better for you than ENE Ohio?

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Rebuilding The Mahoning River

Jack Wollitz and others would probably agree: The Mahoning River now (and for at least 10 years) has some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in the world. Two spots in particular are extraordinary for smallies: Downtown Warren, immediately downstream from the Market St. bridge (using the shoreline underneath the Huntington Bank Building); and a less obvious area (unless you're a smallie angler)---between the B&O Station and the Water Plant in Downtown Y-Town.

The river "isn't any cleaner than 30 years ago"? Complete bullspit. Sure, the PCB's, dioxins, mercury, etc. are still deep in dredging zones (strong reason NOT to use typical existing dredging measures)...but the "clean water" fish are abundant: smallies, largemouth, walleye, "silver" and channel and other catfish, bluegills and sunnies, and (if you're into stealth) muskie.

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