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Hubbard chief reflects on new job

Everyone wants to blame all their crime problems on Youngstown !!! Believe me Hubbard has plenty of crime and drugs that is homegrown !!!

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MYCAP director: Probe would vindicate agency

Unfortunately people tend to believe stories just because they are in the paper or on the news. We in the Mahoning Valley are so conditioned to believe that there must be corruption just because someone says its so. The bias that is shown to all of us here are as a result of past elected officials who have done wrong. This area has a black eye of corruption associated with it and if we as Mahoning Valley residents don't stand up we will never escape that stigma. Its too early to judge but if Mr. Roller has done some wrongdoing he should be punished. I'm not just going to make my decisions until I hear ALL the facts

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MYCAP director: Probe would vindicate agency

I think that everyone should take a deep breath and not rush to judgement. The report is a preliminary report with MYCAP not having the ability to respond. The claims come from a terminated employee with an axe to grind which isn't a credible source of information. MYCAP does great work in the community with the programs that they administer. Every minute spent by Richard Roller defending himself against false claims are minutes that could and should have been used to stregenthen MYCAP's programs.

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Youngstown to end pact with MYCAP before Feb.

The Mayor is rushing to judgement on this decision when the ODOD report isn't final. The "real" people who will be affected will be all the people that the business dev. center at MYCAP has helped. If any of you are out there please share your stories.

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