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Should same-sex marriages be legalized in all 50 states?

What ever happened to seperation of church and state? Why is it that every time I turn around the church is always given the secular thought or practices the boot, yet the church and the christian community always want thier views and opinions implanted in the secular community!? I dont get it. I think alot of Evangelicals and other So called Christians in the Valley area just pick and choose what they want to enforce on the rest of the community, homosexuality being at the top of the list. I know personally many people(mostly men) in the Youngstown area who speak out against gay marriage, yet I know, again, personally that some of them have had and are having affairs, unbeknownst to thier famalies and friends, some even with other men. But dear Lord, Why homosexuality, what about addiction, infedelity, divorce, and even crime and racism? What about those issues? Those issues always seem to be overlooked or easily forgiven. I dont get it. I never understood why folks seem to think that thier communities and ways of life will be destroyed if gays are given the same rights as straights? Lets face it Ohio, within the next decade, its inevitable......Gays will have the legal right to marry, not just in Ohio but most likely all 50 states. I garauntee it. I Predict that gays will also be serving openly in the military by years end. If the straights dont want the gay community to shove thier "lifestyle" down thier throats, then I ask why dont the straights, and the Christians, and Evangelicals stop doing it to everyone else? I cant believe that there are still people out there who wish that thier family members were murderers, rather than homosexuals. NUTS! I just moved back to the valley from Charlotte North Carolina, and let me tell you, folks down there in the deep south are way more progressive and peaceful about social issues such as gay marriage than they are here. I dont plan on staying here that much longer, but I feel bad for the gays and lesbians in this community, living under such hate and synicism. Maybe thats part of the reason Youngstown looks the way it does? You valley residents really must move forward about a decade or so, that might help-just a little bit. By the way I am a devout Catholic and attend mass twice a week at Saint Columba in Youngstown, and Saint Paul in Salem. Just Fyi. God Bless everyone. And I do mean EVERYONE.

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