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Officer fatally shoots man outside Columbus airport

Well, we know the person shot was white. Otherwise, it would've been plastered everywhere about the person being black, the worthless reverends would've had statements released, the naacp would be demanding justice, and on and on and on. Blah, blah, blah. Way to go, vindy. More garbage from an inferior newspaper.

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Firefighters' raises won't break bank after all, Boardman trustees say

Imagine that. The township is crying poor when they actually aren't. Same song and dance, different year. Hey vindy, how about some real in-depth investigative journalism: look into the raises that department heads and non-union employees have received over the past several years. The cops have not had a pay raise in 9 years, but yet the health insurance contributions keep increasing. Funny, there's no quote from Calhoun. He must be too busy enjoying the raise he got from the school district. Also, how much did it cost to decorate the building with Christmas lights? C'mon vindy, lets see what you're made of!

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Police supporters plan rally in Cleveland

I love it! I hope more big cities do this. Several hundred people protest and loot, while several thousand come out to support the police. Look who's out-numbered.

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Knife-wielding man killed by Cleveland-area cop

Since this award-winning newspaper doesn't mention it, one can only assume that either the suspect was white, or the officer was black. Right, vindy?

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UPDATE | Man with gun at Shops at Boardman Park faces charges has a great picture. It was taken by someone before bpd got there, and it shows him holding the rifle out the window. Take a look, and see if you could tell in a split second if it's real or fake. It would be great to have that picture shown across the country.

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Sheriff’s deputies are deserving of our appreciation and support

Hey richard, how bad did you screw up in life to not be able to make $13.10? You must have something awfully bad in your background. Get over your sour apples. And what exactly is it that you do?

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White Missouri cop kills armed black teenager

Maybe we also should start boycotting sponsors of this fine, quality newspaper.

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White Missouri cop kills armed black teenager

Love it! You blacks (and media, for that matter) want a race war? You got one! It's about time for white america to hold protests, demanding these savages take responsibility for their actions and stop breaking the law. Or maybe police union leaders should start saying "ok, we're going to stop patrolling in black neighborhoods. We're going to stop looking out for black businesses. Need assistance? Don't call us. Call the good reverends." What do we want? No crime! When do we want it? Right now!

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