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hwolfe (anonymous) says...

You know who I am and I hope your comments are not ment to attack us. The facts are we do a different job then you and I never have tried to compare our job to yours(Police Officers) to try to say we have too many firefighters on duty is wrong and disrespectfull. Does this also mean that every Full time Fire Department has too many on duty then their police force? In a 24 hour period we have 10 right now and I am sure the twp is ready to try to change that we will be just like the PD fighting for safe staffing for the community and the Firefighters as well as the PD. I would hope you do not think we do nothing and are not needed. I can not understand why any employee or resident would fall for this constant attack on the services we all provide. They continue to pit each dept against each other please do not fall for this it will not help anyone but will cause disharmany and disruption to all of us. Thank you Harry Wolfe

July 24, 2009 at 9:58 a.m. reply suggest removal