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Democrats, unions criticize state budget

The only thing any politicians in Mahoning County know is where the hand out is. They are all a bunch of lying, stealing, cheating DB. There is no future for this valley as long as the same people( Career politicians) keep runing for office. What has really changed here take away the v&m star deal and you have nothing. All talk and no walk we need people in there that want to make things happen not line their pockets with pensions and benefits and any loans from unnamed business men. We need to make do with what we get & have just like the middle class has learned to do. Lets cut their wages and make them pay for their own insurance just like we do. Pensions are what we do for ourselves not what the taxpayers do for us.

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Mahoning Valley Dems seek lawmaker role in Ohio prison sales

What else would you expect from 2 of Mahoning counties career politicians. It is time 2 get rid of these idiots and the rest of them that run our cities, counties, state and federal goverments. Lets start all over and put people in there that are going to accomplish something other than lip service. No more Democrats or Republicans just people that want to do what is right for everybody not just there kumba's and party. What has Hagan or Gerberry accomplished expect adding to their pensions and benfits at taxpayers expense. These people have no idea what it is like in the real world how could we ever expect them to make any decisions that would benfit Joe middle class that is working 60 hours a week to just survive. We have health ins. but to be able to afford it we have $5,000.00 or $10,000.00 ded. just in case something really bad hapens. Our pensions are what little we can afford to put away and what little bid we will get from SS. They have the best of the best and why! We elect them they work for us we should decide what they make and what benifits they will have. I like to be able to vote on my wages, benfits and pension. WAKE up Ohio and America before it is to late the middle class black and white have all the burden on their backs the rich get richer and the poor just keep getting handouts well we go to work every day to pay for it all. Let's take back our schools (put God back in them I am sure it won't hurt) Parents need to have control over there children and help our teachers make them productive citizens of the future. There has to be punishment for crime and it needs to be carried out within 30 days of sentence. Maybe after a few die the rest will get the idea do the crime will do the time (or die). Why should we flip the bill for death row inmates for 18 years they were found guilty now they need to suffer for what they did.

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W. Pa. man buys home at tax sale, finds it razed

PA Atty. General office has a consumer protection act that went into effect in july 09 to protect consumers against Home Impm. cont. I guess that does not apply to the state. Just keep screwing the people the uprise is not far away!!!!

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