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Caterer sues Campbell’s mayor for stop-payment on his check


George Krinos stiffed the Youngstown Club on his Bachelor party as well and was then subsequently kicked off the board of the Youngstown Club, just ask any one that works there... What a Jerk. For all those people that believe that what he did is not a criminal matter, you are wrong. When a loss to a victim is equal to or greater then $10,000 it is considered an Aggrevated Felony. After he looses this civil matter he will be brought on criminal charges.

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Caterer sues Campbell’s mayor for stop-payment on his check

He should be brought on crimInal charges. The people who obey the law should be protected by it. He is a con-artist and i am very fearful because he is in a position where he could steal a whole lot of money from Campbell. I say that our local prosecuters should do thier job and bring criminal charges against this man and protect the people who they are suppose to protect. This sickens me. PUT HIM IN JAIL

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Mayor to replace finance director


The mayor was married on August 22nd 2009 and bounced many of his paychecks for his wedding.

He refused to pay many of the caterers and several other businesses that he hired for his wedding.

What he does is hands the checks late(the day of the event) and on monday when the merchants went to cash the checks they bounced. He claimes that he stopped payment b/c he was unsatisfied with their services, but stopping payment is different then bouncing checks. He had no intentions of paying for his wedding and still has yet to do so.He does this frequently just look at the public search website mentioned earlier.
The loss to his victims just for the wedding has been over 10,000 dollars, Which if convicted is an aggrevated felony. The Mahoning county prosecuter refused to prosecute, probably because they are all cronies together.

I cant believe that this crook got elected mayor of campbell. I hope that the other elected officials of campbell and the people of campbell do whats best for them and get this guy out of office NOW.

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