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The Region I Tournament was Saturday at Youngstown State University. The winners, first and second

I think these are the Destination Imagination results.

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Anti-fracking measure on Nov. ballot

What's this??? The War on Women come home to roost? Hey formerdemliberal, you must be drinking too much of that corporate Kool-Aid! I will admit your name calling is creative. "Frackpots," "Fracktivists," I love it! Maybe I'll make up some tee-shirts and wear them to the next "democrat" function. These "frustrated housewives" (one of whom is a geologist) seem to have the opposition running scared! Go Frack Off in the country somewhere! Not in urban areas!

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Youngstown anti-fracking amendment has enough valid signatures

I live in Youngstown. I signed the petition. I don't want a fracking rig next to my house. Go out into the country and frack. Don't frack in an urban area. I've done enough reading to believe that fracking is not good for the environment. Our water, our air, and the very land we stand on is at risk. But desperate people refuse to see that when the possibility of jobs and profit is there. The democratic process is even at risk as those desperate people shout down logic with name calling. Thank goodness a citizen like Suzie Beirsdorpher has the guts to stand up to the powers of government as risky energy policies are forced upon us.

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Kerrigan active in Senior Games

Kerrigan's volleyball career BEGUN in the 1970s....should be BEGAN. Begun needs a helper. I can't stand incorrect grammar in a newspaper.

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An estimated 400 to 500 crowd Central Square

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Suspensions run high in Youngstown, Warren schools

Where did your headline writer go to school? It should be "What DO the numbers represent..."

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‘End of an era’

Chaney is NOT a messed up school. True, the past few years were rough, but not this year. Chaney's 2012 senior class only had 78 seniors total. This year Chaney became a STEM/VPA school. For those of you on this board who don't know what that means, you can google it. Kids from 6th through 12th grade had to interview or audition to come to Chaney this year. The seniors were given the option of graduating from East, or Chaney. 78 seniors stayed. 6 seniors didn't pass all 5 parts of the OGT. That's a 92% graduation rate. I doubt that many on this board could pass all 5 parts of the OGT. I have a masters degree and I'd have trouble with Math and Science!

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Chaney to dedicate piano in memory of officer

Thanks to Officer Conway for always being there when we needed Rayen, East and Chaney!

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Count on more Valley quakes, seismologist warns

Well said! I agree with EVERYTHING you said!!!!

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School day gets longer for Chaney students falling short

Just a couple corrections to Education_Voter's comments. The Chaney STEM/VPA school didn't skim the cream off the other middle schools. There is still plenty of "cream" in the other middle schools as well as at East High School. Not all of "the cream" applied to Chaney. We have regular kids at Chaney whose parents want to take advantage of an opportunity for learning for their child. Chaney students are starting to realize they are in a new environment where faiilure is not an option. Chaney teachers are committed to inspiring, pushing, and working as partners with our students to help them begin to achieve academically. I realize people who post here on Vindy articles are mostly pessimistic people. But, we all should be happy that Youngstown City Schools offers a STEM/VPA experience open to students who would like to challenge themselves.

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