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Day of drinking among friends ends in death of Vernon Twp. man, 20

let me start off by saying that the "a**hole...loser" whom you are reffering to is my nephew... and that "a**hole...loser" is a kid who was dealt a bad hand and never really got the fair chance at life that he deserved. but that "a**hole...loser" has come a long way and has grown up to be an amazing person who making his future bright. do you know him?...i didn't think so.... so who do you think you are to say anything about him? i think that anyone who comments on tragedies like this should send out support to the family and close friends who are obviously having a hard time coping with everything. rather than insulting their loved one who was taken too early, someone who has had their life TAKEN. if you ask me, that makes you the "A**HOLE". he was a great kid. he turned his whole life around recently... he finished school and was talking about attending college in the near future. i didn't know that that made someone a "loser".... yeah, he partied. have you ever gotten drunk or taken drugs? get real. this is the 21st century. if you haven't ever partied... a lot of people must have considered you to be the "loser". i don't know you, and you don't know me, and you didn't know josh.... so unless you have an appropriate opinion, keep them to yourself. thank you.

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