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Traficant out

I left Mahoning County 32 yrs. ago and only come back to visit. Like others, when I talk about my birthplace/home town, people ask about Kosar, first, and Jumbo Jim, second. One successful, another....disgraceful.

Like most I left Mahoning County for work/employment since the basis of industry (steel) folded in the mid-70's.

Jim (Trafifcant) did little to attract industry to our area. He wasn't credible at the time. He acted like an ass....a dumb ass. He was a mobster in the latent era of Sherriff. Ray T. Davis. For those youngsters out there, the pathetic (modern) history of Youngstown can be read on the internet....Jimbo will be a constant in that thread. Of his eight terms, much of which elapsed during the Clinton Presidency, he wouldn't play ball with the new president.....see also Mike White, Cleveland Mayor...He didn't "get" it. Jim just didn't "get" it.

White, in Cleveland, played ball and his city was rewarded with tons and tons of Federal Outlay. Youngstown and Warren were sort of overlooked. Imagine that! How the heck did THAT happen??? Answer: Traffy was an idiot and wouldn't play ball with Clinton. Youngstowners, YOU should be ashamed. YOU elected an idiot parading as a Democrat.

The Youngstown Vindicator reported circa 1998 that Jim was actually voting with the Republicans at/about 67% of the time. Think that had anything to do with their/his problems with Congress? Maybe. Probably. Dude wasn't even a Democrat. dude's district was at/about 25% unemployment and the only thing he stood for was IRS reform. Are you kidding me? Idiots deserve what they vote for. The Trafficant era is thankfully OVER and the thought of having THAT bum represent the Mahoning Valley is simply nutty...from my distant view. Nutty. He's nutty and so are the people who would actually vote to send him to Washington.

Furher, Jumbo Jim's people threatened my Dad with violence if he didn't stop writing anti-Traffy letters to the editor. Pathetic. My Dad was a life-long/die-hard Democrat who was, of course, put-off by Jimbo's ridiculous antics and nonsense. Imagine that! Were YOU in that group? Maybe.

In closing, you Youngstowners are doomed if you send that nut back to Congress. Ryan is good. Makes sense and restores some sense of credibility to a place lost, long ago, desperately in need of serious representation.

What goes around comes around......

Good luck, Youngstown!

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