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Grandma finds gun on seat of Disney World ride, owner pleads ignorance

The gun was not an automatic. See: There is a big difference there. Shame on this report for its inaccuracy. Also, shame on the irresponsible gun owner for making such a mistake. Gun owners must take the utmost care when handling firearms. This gentleman has made the rest of us look bad.

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Time will tell if Iraqi people pick up the freedom ball

For the record it is Kurds or the Kurdish people from Kurdistan, which for the record isn't actually a state, just an ethnic group.

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Man shot by gun dealer at Medina gun show

This is a major violation of the first two rules of gun safety. I remember the first time I held a gun at ten years old. My uncle looked me straight in the eye and said "Before I hand you this gun you need to know two things: Every gun is loaded and never aim at anything you don't want to shoot." When taking possession of a gun or unlocking it from your safe the weapon should always be cleared and placed on safe if it has a safety. These are simple fundamentals everybody should know whether into shooting sports or not. Shame on this dealer. His license should be revoked.

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3 Niles men accused of kidnapping and beating woman, 21

Again read my comment, I never made a statement in defense of these guys. I agree they are scumbags. Your comment shows a lot about the thought process of general society. Again this wasn't "the projects." As I had stated previously this is a middle class neighborhood. This type of activity is leaching itself into all types of areas and socioeconomic neighborhoods. Finally, I find it down right hilarious you call me Einstein but cannot properly use your/you're. Kind of funny.

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3 Niles men accused of kidnapping and beating woman, 21

This isn't the projects. The area these kids were in is a middle class neighborhood. You can argue it is lower middle class, there's probably some section eight housing sprinkled in but this isn't the projects by a long shot. Check your facts before you speak.

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Envy isn’t really the issue

Yes but it also includes the bottom 25%. That certainly isn't the middle.

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Envy isn’t really the issue

The middle class isn't the bottom 50%. The bottom half isn't the middle...its the bottom.

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Low expectations for Obama

Did Ms. Bodak have a point? Why was that even published? Whats next, "I like puppies and leaves in the fall?" What a waste of time. Thanks for nothing.

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More than one way to dodge taxes

To be fair, our President was too young to have been drafted into the armed forces in the Vietnam Era. Romney was old enough and went to France to eat baguettes and spend Daddy's money. He is indeed a draft dodger, a coward and a chicken hawk. He didn't serve because he didn't think he should have to.

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Wal-Mart should come to rescue of Libya, Bill Clinton urges

Who wants a bunch of garbage jobs at Wal-Mart? Wal-Mart is one of the reasons we are in this economic mess. The only way Wal-Mart is intrested in Libya is if they'll make stuff cheaper than the Chinese. The worst part is Americans think that place is great even as it destroys us.

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