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Lucky fights for Love

The above response that I made needs to be corrected. I personally flagged my own response to be removed due to the fact that after further research, I am unable to state with 100% certainty that it is the same Cory Love that I have the facts about. I apolgize to the individuals invovled with this article for any inconveinence that it may have caused them. Good luck with the bar, if its done the right way I hope it succeeds.

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Lucky fights for Love

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Lucky fights for Love

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LA police find pot stash in railroad tanker

That was very good work by those Officers, they follwoed up on their hunch and the clues presented and were rewarded with a major bust.

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The way it oughta be: Use it or lose it

If people think that it is such a lucritive job to be a Police Officer or Fireman than quit your private sector job, take the tests and get hired. Go and start at a wage that is below what the majority of people are earning at GM, YSU or the Hospitals and wait 12 to 15 years to reach top rate for a violence and danger prone job. The pensions for the the Police and Fire are not that great, except for the current ones that are going to retire who are in the DROP program. The future pensioners will have to put up to $800 a month for medical insurance for them and their family. The county and city police and fire all agreed to "0's" for their contracts.
Lets do a story and see what the Vindicator personnel are getting for their retirement packages. Ill bet that that will never make the headlines.

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Youngstown council, city execs clash over demolition

My favorite comment in this is from bozoanich, "During that discussion, Bozanich said if council had approved his recommendation last year to lay off about 60 city workers, there would be $2 million for commercial demolition projects." WHO IS RUNNING CITY HALL?? Ruin 60 peoples lives to get your political agenda passed. So Dave you lied again when you said the money from layoffs was needed to balance the budget, but was really to get your pet projects completed. Mayor get rid of him he is dragging you down.

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State-budget panel to discuss deficit

Ok so attack the same people that are using their paychecks to shop, dine or visit the same places that you two work at, cut their pay and pesion that you think are so generous, then there is no spending at these places and you lose your jobs too.

I know for a fact that he Ohio Police and Fire Pensioners have to pay for their own health insurance. I have talked to a couple that pay in excess of $800 a month for a family plan out of their own pocket. Can you two pay that much and still survive on a pension alone.

Union forever i agree with you on the double dipping, and also the program called DROP with the Ohio Police and Fire pesion in which the higher paid employees stay for over 5 years and can leave with a lump sum of over $250k in their pension fund. I think those on welfare should contribute to society in a program modeled after the WPA of FDR.

The medicaid and medicare programs should also be curtailed to eliminate the elderly that can afford to pay for medical insurance and presciptions on their own should pay for their own.

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Struthers cop on paid leave after domestic violence charge

He was charged like anyone else. For everyone who says cops are treated different lets look at this, if a regular person was arrested they would be able to post bond, go home and go to work. no one would be screaming for them to lose their job but you want this cop to lose his only after being charged. We are all innocent until proven guilty no matter what. Its a cornerstone of our society. As for Gabriel, give it a rest you had your day in court and was found guilty, you should have appealed the decision or filed a complaint with the state bar against your attorney if you felt he did a bad job.

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Family questions privileges of juvenile accused in murder

Everyone wants horrible treatment for criminals and people accused of crimes until it is one of their relatives or friends.

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2 YPD officers appeal firings

are the other two officers involved, what about the supervisor that did nothing. what will happen to them? we need to hear the whole case first before passiing judgement

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