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Agee found guilty; will be spared death penalty

Judge Sweeney had nothing to do with that decision. It came from the jury. Get a clue. If you are ignorant about something and dont have a clue, you should probably not say anything. unreal

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Mahoning Prosecutor candidates defend their backgrounds

6 comments and all pertaining to either voting for Gains or bashing the endorsements? Can you tell us which of Gains' employees/friends you are? LOL

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Racist text riles race for Mahoning County prosecutor

isnt the election supposed to be about qualifications? let's all vote for Gains so more serious cases can be screwed up and dismissed.

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BREAKING NEWS: Arrest warrants issued for hazing of YSU students

It's kinda like "Old School". You're my boy BLUE!!!

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Woman, 70, receives probation, house arrest for $300,000 theft


You dont even realize how ignorant and moronic you sound. SHE endured hell? What about the owner, who almost lost everything because she STOLE from him? I know the owner personally, so I know the true hell HE endured, not your THIEF of a friend. Makes me sick. He committed a crime? You should be careful who you defame on these message boards, you could end up getting sued. His bookkeeping wasnt sloppy, Barbara the THIEF hid things to hide her crimes. If you even read the article, you would notice it said she was the bookkeeper. She was trusted by the owner for years, and he treated her great. This is how she repaid him, she makes me sick, and so do people like you who try to defend her.

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Prosecutor: Texas dad admits disabled son drowned

rest in peace little angel.

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Packers return to Green Bay as Super Bowl champs

where are all the stealer fans now? penguinturd?

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Musical chairs in Campbell city government

what a joke. they need to get rid of everyone and start with new blood.

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Why is Gains taking a pass?

Are you trying to imply that Gains is a competent manager? Macejko is outclassed? Wow you are more clueless than I thought. Do you want a prosecutor that is tough on crime? Try this, become a defense lawyer. Then pick up a misdemeanor case in Youngstown and a felony in Common Pleas. Let me know which case is easier to get a plea bargain. I'll save you some time, and tell you that you can get a better deal on a felony case in Common Pleas than a misdemeanor in Youngstown. Go Macejko!

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