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Pope’s visit to Cuba is tainted

USAID and Miami funded Anti-Cuban groups have worked to cause conflicts prior to Pope Benedict's visit. There is religious freedom in Cuba as demonstrated by the Pope's visit and the many churches of all denominations active in Cuba. The handful of dissidents well promoted in the US media have little significance for the Cuban people.
These groups occupying the Church were not seeking asylum as reported but demanding an audience with the Pope.
As to the activities of the Catholic Church in Central America it was the priests and nuns that died at the hands of US supported military dictatorships all supported by the Cuban-American leaders and politicians of Miami and New Jersey.
Milton Sanchez-Parodi

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Cuba appears to be changing, but U.S. Senate will need proof

The article points out the controlling aspect of the US over Cuba. "Its always been in Cuba's power to set the wheels in motion..." Actually it is the US who imposed the embargo on Cuba and it is the US that must repeal it. Cuba does not need to do anything to please the US since it is Cuba who has been injured. First by the continuing economic embargo of 1960, then by an invasion in 1961, then followed by the terrorist actions of Operation Mongoose(see US documents) which continues to this day(with over 3,000 Cubans dead so far) by private groups of terrorist free in Miami. Alpha 66, a well known para-military organization,("enemy combatants" by Bush's definition) currently meets in Miami and openly plans actions against Cuba. Even the Cuban-American Congresswoman Ileana Ros lobbied effectively for the pardon and release of at least two known terrorist one as recent as 2008 who was incarcerated for killing a Cuban diplomat in New York City. Just looking at the history of some past and present staff and assessors of the Cuban-American politicians in both the House and Senate one appreciates the extent and depth of US aggression against Cuba. One may then question who must change. Cuba has been very explicit as to the wanting normalization of relations with the US but the US stated policy is to pressure the Cuban people economically and politically so they revolt against their government. That policy has not changed since 1959. Currently US taxpayers funds some of these regime-change efforts to the tune of 45 million dollars a year. Add the cost of maintaining an embargo and, the trade US businesses lose and we have some real money. We are not even counting the human cost. Perhaps the US may want to finally liberate itself form a bad policy, liberate its own citizens and allow them the freedom to travel and trade with Cuba. Its hard though, Congressman Charlie Wilson and his friend Albio Sires(Cuban-American Congressman from New Jersey and friend to some very violent Cuban-Americans) seem to prefer the money and power of the Cuban Political PAC than the liberation of Americans so they may trade with and travel to Cuba.
Milton Sanchez-Parodi, MD
Poland, OH

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