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This Kidd has a big heart for the city

USA1---you are not a rational being. You want secure borders with less govt. and lower taxes? How is that supposed to happen? Secure borders, whether you build them or patrol them, requires hiring more people. More people, more payroll, more taxes. Admit it----you are just one of those people who likes to complain more than encourage! Get a clue!

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Police investigate rolling gunbattle

People of Youngstown:
You need to get up and take back your streets. There are enough God-fearing able bodied people in Y-town to make a difference. Harrass your police station until somebody shows up, when you see something bad ABOUT to happen. Don't always wait until somebody gets killed or a neighborhood gets shot up! AND----the mamas and the Big Mamas need to get active about their children and their grandchildren-----get back to church and start asking God to help you to get these young people back to Him. Churches, start doing more street ministry and let the gang bangers know that God is alive and that Jesus still saves!
Y-town is my hometown and it is hard coming back and seeing the difference that time has made. Don't hang it all on the mayor and the police. ALL of you have to work together!

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