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Bishop Murry offers insights, credibility to panel on policing

Was one of the Bishop's qualifications his ability to be transparent in personnel matters--reference here is to current Mooney situation......

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Fired Mooney principal says supporters deserve explanation from the school

John Young is probably very happy that he qualified his retirement with the STRS before accepting a principalship in the zoo.

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Penguins struggle in home loss to Leathernecks

year 5 Heacock compared to Wolford

Heacock--8 wins, 3 losses; 5-2 in the conference; finished in 3 way tie and won "coach of the year" title....

Wolford has a lot of uphill paddling to do.....

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Obama urged to accelerate fight against Islamic State

Standard behavior by Senators and Representatives--criticize, yak, offer no suggestions....

President Obama should ask for a joint congressional session so that he can recommend:
1) an ongoing, continuing declaration of war against worldwide terrorism to be pursued by the USA with or without support from other nations;
2) a separate table of taxation besides the current tax system that will be directed to funding the war on worldwide terrorism; and,
3) reinstitution of a uniform, gender-neutral draft of all 18-21 year olds.

It would be interesting to see how the extreme "loonies" of the right and the left wings, and the "presidential wannabes" respond.

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Pulliam: Tiger Woods’ time is gone

The era of Tiger is over in terms of his dominance by winning. Rory has failed to match Tiger's record between the ages of 21 and 25. He will not match Tiger's record in terms of wins and dominance in the next 13 years when he will reach the age of 38. It is predicted here that Rory will not amass 14 majors too.

Tiger will dominate merely by showing up and winning from time to time. Otherwise look for falling TV ratings for the young baby tigers of today.

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YSU’s opening depth chart mixes old, new

clock ticking for Coach Wolford....must match Coach Heacock's fifth year-----

8-3 record
share of conference title
coach of the year recognition

remember too that Coach Heacock did not have the advantage of additional playoff spots for eligibility......

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YSU faculty union president asks Jim Tressel to step in

Disgruntled faculty need to answer one question: "how badly do I need my job?" If things are so bad at YSU, they need to do the honorable thing and that is vacate their positions.

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Scalzo | Football escapes YSU’s Top 10 list

Coach Wolford will have completed 7 years by 2017.

As of the end of year 4, he and his predecessor (Coach Heacock) had identical won-lost records--24-21.

During his next 3 years, Coach Heacock added 26 more wins, a playoff run to the semi-final and 2 conference titles.

Any guess on where Coach Wolford will end up?

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Contraceptive ruling praised, bashed

Pictures of DeWine and Ryan say it all!

Two Roman Catholic elected public officials on opposite sides of a divisive issue--contraception.

Anybody still wondering why the Roman Catholic Church is having difficulties?

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David Betras is re-elected Mahoning County Democratic Party chairman

In 1936, the area turned "solid Democrat." Prior to that for many years, the area was dominated by "Lincoln Republicans" and the KKK.

Voters have a pattern of "reacting" to bad economy--the Depression--by voting for the opposite party.

With our geriatric base, we can expect Democrats to maintain their hold for a few more years.

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