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UPDATE | Senate bill would dissolve distress commission, create city schools CEO

Any move by the legislature that guts the current locally elected BOE structure is worth implementing. The concept of a popularly elected BOE being competent to administer local schools is passé. "Local Control" is a form of political "Staph Infection!"

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Highs & lows mark 1st year of Tressel’s YSU presidency

Mr. Tressel's vision is very clear---
1) increase enrollment; and, 2) eliminate the extraordinary "statement of vision" is needed.....what is needed is more intelligence on the part of the Vindicator staff that writes such drivel.....

No confidence votes are irrelevant. The classified and faculty personnel would be better off answering this question--"How badly do I need my job and what must I sacrifice to keep it."

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New indictment against Sciortino speaks volumes

Cincinnati unemployment rate not much better than Youngstown.....

Another "republican" who thinks grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

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New indictment against Sciortino speaks volumes

I am sure that democrats in the Cincinnati area feel the same way about their local papers and their coverage which is heavily supportive of republican office holders.

It always comes down to whose ox is being gored.

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Taking to a road not traveled

Bye-Bye Bertie.......

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Time is running out on ailing Youngstown city school system

"They have been marginalized by the Youngstown City School District Academic Distress Commission,...."

For all intents and purposes, the current BOE for Youngstown is irrelevant.

The power to regulate public education rests with the OH legislature.

The Republicans there need to have the backbone to abolish the Youngstown City Schools and its BOE; nullify current contractual understandings; and, assign current pupils to area schools.

Unfortunately that will not happen.

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Hathorn’s honesty was his undoing

Suggestions for Youngstown schools:
1) abolish the locally elected BOE; and,
2) send the current students to Poland, Boardman, Canfield and Austintown.

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Are Dems in a quandary over primary for Struthers mayor?

Wow! The "Vindy" actually believes that it is the standard by which political candidates are worthy......does it really think it has influence over the voter? Such arrogance!

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Baptism by fire for Meacham

For those upset by "corruption" in our local public officials, I suggest that they all take out candidate petitions for the next sequence of local elections.....think about it!.....we could have hundreds of potential candidates who would dilute the power base of the democrats and maybe, just maybe, we might get suitable office holders.....

All it would take is the right number of signatures and a couple of bucks for filing--no campaign--just get the name of the ballot and let nature take its course......

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Chamber’s plan to help schools cut costs is timely, appropriate

Nothing new in CC proposal to consolidate school districts....

OH did it back in 1910 with centralization of "one room" schools by establishing county offices of education (history note--Jerome Hull, founder of Whitehouse business was the first Mahoning County Schools Supt).....

suggest revisiting that period of education and re-implementing some of its core ideas.....

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